Quality tango DJing

The music that I love to dance to is the music of the fabulous orchestras of the Golden Age - Biagi, Calo, Canaro, Demare, D’Arienzo, Di Sarli, Troilo...but sadly many of the recordings are very scratchy and clouded by poor copying. Today’s technology allows for remastering and there are now many wonderful ‘clean’ copies of these greats sounding as they would to the Tangueros of the time when they were playing the dance halls of Buenos Aires.
Tinkering with recordings of the Golden Age by increasing the bass or changing the pitch does not improve the musical experience. Rather, as I found on the weekend at a popular milonga, it creates a thumping beat, that drowns the vocals and the melody - and gave me a thumping headache! I wasn’t the only one. When I retreated from the dance floor I found a group huddled in the foyer also escaping the DJ’s attack on the music.
Those who are new to tango (and this DJ is relatively new) sometimes find they need to increase the bass so they can follow…

"LEYENDAS DEL TANGO DANZA" - Tango Documental/Documentary


Meet with tango tradition in Buenos Aires

Milongueando is a fabulous opportunity to explore the roots of tango and to practise the skills of traditional tango.
By all means check out airfares online... then we recommend you check with a travel agent before you book! What you see is not always what you get!

Traditional Tango at its very best

Just discovered this this fabulous Youtube channel based in Buenos Aires showing tango at is best. Stylish, musical and eminently watchable ... a great way to improve the do-able!

Golden Age tango music at the Camelot Lounge

Last minute! This Sunday, January 28, Orquesta La Luna is performing at the Camelot Lounge in Marrickville.
"Five extraordinary musicians, each with their own performance careers, have committed their talents to delivering uncompromising passionate performances of some of the most loved tango dance repertoire ever conceived. Orquesta La Luna will feature the instrumental and vocal legacy of such icons as D’Arienzo, Tanturi, Pugliese, Piazzolla and Troilo. Dancers and listeners alike can expect to be swept to the Golden Era of tango in the streets of Buenos Aires where bittersweet maladies of love and life are entangled with voluptuous artistry. Tango dancers will be pleased to know that the repertoire has been curated to augment your dancing experience."
Tickets available

Miguel Calo and Alberto Podesta and a new tune to me

I just love it when I hear a new piece of tango/vals/milonga and I fall in love with it. This happened on the weekend when I heard and danced to the Australian Tango Festival Orchestra's faithful transposition of Miguel Calo's 'Suena'.
Owen Salome of Tangalo and The Australian Tango Festival Orchestra must be given the credit for this.
I have always been a Calo fan and his singers including and Raul Beron and Alberto Podesta are magic.  Alberto Podesta performed and recorded more songs with more orchestras than any other tango singer and his recordings with Calo are outstanding.
You can  read more about Calo on Keith Elshaw's website  (I think it was Keith who told me Calo's was The Greatest Orchestra) and on
Unfortunately I don't have a recording of the ATFO playing 'Suena' but I did find it on youtube.

Dance to an orchestra from Buenos Aires in Sydney

Yes you can... on Sunday night 1st October at the Marrickville Town Hall. The Australian Tango Festival Orchestra will play and if you close your eyes you will feel as though you are in one of the famous tango halls, such as Salon Canning.
The sounds of The Australian Tango Festival Orchestra are equal to none. Their arrangements based on the arrangements of the greats, D'Arienzo, Pugliese, Calo, Di Sarli.... are as authentic as you can expect to hear from a live orchestra, and their passion is equal to none.
I have just come from the concert of the orchestra held at the Mosman Art Gallery here in Sydney as part of the Australian Tango Festival and I was blown away. An increased repertoire, clever new arrangements, superb synchronicity and top musicianship make this music a one-off that you won't want to miss - and you will want to dance to! Consisting of musicians from the orchestra, Tangalo, Orquesta La Luna and Mendoza, this band has 4 bandoneons, which enables them to bri…