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Australian Tango Championships 2009

It had to happen sooner or later - the Australian Tango Championships return. I only know because I checked my Facebook page and found the announcement. As one who was very closely involved with the first 3 of the Championships I will watch with interest. I do most sincerely hope that this time they are a truly national event. Sydney has a bigger tango community than any other city but this is not a good reason for holding the championships here every time - in fact the venue situation in Sydney makes it a challenge. We used the Sydney Opera House for the first 3 and with the last event our ambitions got the better of us when we used the Concert Hall. Not that it wasn't a successful event in the eyes of those who watched and those who had the unique experience of dancing on the stage of our harbourside icon, it was. For those of us who were closely involved it was not a satisfactory experience.
Do we need the Championships? Are our dancers good enough? Should teachers be involved i…

Positive tango moves

We've been through a recession or two before and I have decided that despite the fact that much of my freelance work has dried up I am not going to let it stop us doing some positive tango stuff this year - what goes down has always in the past gone up!
So we are doing a promotion with the Gladesville Milonga de Mis Amores and running a competition to win a return fare to Buenos Aires with the travel agency, Travel Choice. When you attend the milonga you get the opportunity to fill in a form for the competition (one per person, per milonga) and in June we will draw the winner! This is a joint promotion for the travel agency, tours and packages to South America, and the TangoAustralia website.
And we have booked for the NZ Tango Festival from 29 May to 1 June. I am really excited about this as I have not been to a festival for a long time and this one has an excellent reputation. Overseas masters include Geraldin Rojas and Ezequiel Paludi, Fabrizio Forti and Celi Arias and Tamara …

Facebook questions

TangoAustralia has a Facebook group, but yesterday I was made to think about Facebook when a friend said - "when you load photos on FB they own the copyright"! They do? My understanding of copyright and photographers, from my time as a magazine editor here in Oz, is that the photographer holds the copyright of his/her work unless he/she actually assigns it, in writing, to someone else.
So I did a little internet research and found some slightly confusing stuff... 'Facebook users force 'copyright' plan U-turn' said an article in The Australian. Apparently the concern was very real as their new terms (and by the way they can change the terms anytime they like without telling you) allowed them to use photos, messages and any other content in marketing or to sell to advertisers!! However this does not say that they cannot use your stuff for other things - like making money. I also found a blog by legalAndrew called 'Facebook isn't private and 7 other thi…

Dashing away to tango

Just about to go to the new Tuesday milonga held by Sydney's dynamic tango club, Tango Synergy at Leichhardt - tonight it's in the forum. And it is a beautiful night so am really looking forward to this open air tango. This milonga has swapped with Patio de Tango's Tuesday milonga - and they have moved to Wednesday and new location - this will confuse visitors and those who don't keep up with the news! but they'll soon get the hang of it.
What they won't get the hang of and I still find difficulty with is the arrogance that sometimes creates a bad vibe at a milonga. What gives some folk the right to sit in judgement on other dancers - and to look like they are doing it? It spoilt a milonga I was at recently - at least in the Forum there won't be this opportunity.

Why chacarera?

Recently some Sydney milongas have made chacarera an interval in their milongas - sometimes following or preceding salsa, sometimes on its own. Why? I can understand the salsa as many Sydneysiders dance salsa and those that do love the opportunity to dance it. But chacarera? Most Sydneysiders have no idea how to dance it so, if they are brave enough, they get up and wave their arms around, stamp their feet and dance in a circle... endlessly it seems to me at times. Chacarera is a dance that has no real beginning or end in this form - it is just an endless stomp.
Having seen real chacarera, both here with visiting performers and in Argentina, I know it can very entertaining and is a skillful dance. However I find this interval rather boring... am I alone? What do you think? Does this happen in other places?
In my experience only a handful of couples get onto the floor...please comment - and answer the poll.

Tango News from Tango Australia, March - 1st for 2009

Not much happens anywhere in January - and February was not much of a month round here - so we have finally got round to putting together the first of the TangoAustralia newsletters for 2009. This would never have done when I was a magazine editor - but then you paid for the magazine - this newsletter is free. '
So if you are interested in news about festivals, schools, bands etc. then do subscribe - you'll find the subscription box on the home page of TA!
There's news on the NZ Tango Festival in Wellington which has a fantastic line-up this year and if last year's rave reviews are anything to go by, it should be brilliant. Well worth the airfare to NZ - and it is excellent value.
News on new tango bands too. I love Piazzolla but I do wish they would all play more music for dancing, I like to listen to Piazzolla. You may not agree of course.
And tomorrow night is the last night of the Rose Bay milonga in Sydney, after nearly 8 years. The organisers are moving to a new ven…

Vote for Your Favorite Milongas, Festivals, Tango Dancers, Tango Teachers....

If you like doing polls and answering questions you may enjoy contributing to this one from one of my fellow tango bloggers. It will certainly be interesting to read the results and if you are heading to Buenos Aires you will no doubt find some of the comments useful.

Del Tango, El Amor y Otros Demonios: *Your* Time to Vote: Your Favorite Milongas, Festivals, Dancers, Teachers, Music, DJs and more...! ;)

Terry Kirkpatrick - will be missed for a long time by her tango friends

This morning I opened my emails to a very sad message from Frank, one of my tango friends, to say that his mother, Terry, one of tango's most delightful and dedicated tangueras, had passed away peacefully this morning. Terry joined us when we went to Buenos Aires in 2003 and one of my fondest memories of Terry is of 'losing' her when we all heading back to our hotels after a meal in Recoleta before going on to a milonga. The bus was waiting, but Terry was nowhere to be seen... then someone heard the sounds of salsa. "Terry could be there'', she said - and sure enough there was Terry, not only dancing salsa, but dancing with MC on the stage and having a ball! The photo was taken on that trip - Terry is the lady in red.
She had such a joie de vivre that it was infectious.
We have missed Terry since she became ill late last year - and her presence will be sorely missed by those of us who not only enjoyed dancing with her - and watching her dance - but by those, inc…