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Cabaceo - comments from Facebook

This blog feeds into a Facebook page so I have taken the liberty of copying the comments on the cabaceo across for those who would like to read more about what people think...
I think this is a good idea. I hope it catches on. I find it rude to interupt a conversation to ask for a dance. It may be that is dancers were a little more observant during the cortinas that everyone would dance more often... I know there are lots of guys who will just interupt a conversation but there may be others (like me) who will not. I think that, if you want to dance, conversations are while you sit through a tanda. You can still talk and let your eyes wander...
As long as the lights are on as they normally are in BsAs! Not these dark bear caves we seem to have in Oz
One issue often mentioned against cabeceo is that people cant's see because of poor light or short sightedness etc. In BA the men don't always stay in one spot, they move around and position themselves closer to the …

Tango Teacher and DJ reviews - new blog

A huge amount of work has gone into setting up this blog - Tango Teacher and DJ reviews ... and I would hate to moderate it! it is an ambitious project. If it gets off the ground I hope it will avoid the vitriole and self-righteousness that surfaces in some tango forums. Check it out.

Cabaceo - why and why not

The cabaceo is having a resurgence in Sydney at one or two milongas. For those who don't know what this is if you Google 'cabaceo' you will get 2 websites that offer explanations for this tango ritual. Taken from the Spanish cabeza (head) it describes a method of a man selecting the woman he would like to dance with by making eye contact, then when she reciprocates, moving his head to indicate he wants to dance with her. She can refuse by looking away.
Said to have been initiated in the days when young women were chaperoned at milongas, and described as being the best way for men to ask women to dance in a crowded milonga, it is still used in some milongas in Buenos Aires. It can work both ways, according to the experts - a woman can do it too.
Like everything the cabaceo has its place. In large, crowded milongas it is undoubtedly the best way for the best dancers to get together. It is also the best way for those who already know each other to get together. But for the ne…

Australian Tango Championships Judges

The organisers have just announced that the judges will be
Ezequiel Farfaro and Alejandra Gutty.
Some years ago I did workshops with Ezequiel and his then partner Milena Plebs when they were among the masters at the World Tango Festival in Buenos Aires. He has partnered a number of other well-known dancers, including Lucia Mazer, at festivals around the world.
This pair will arrive in Sydney just after we farewell Lucia Mazer who is also here for workshops... There's more on this and other tango happenings around Oz in the Tango Australia News for June - now online

New Zealand Festival debrief

I never got round to writing up the next 4 days of the Festival. When one does not usually dance 3 to 6 hours a day, and go to a Milonga at night, fatigue takes over - and socialising is always more important than writing in this situation.
So... here are my thoughts for what they are worth - and I would love others to write what they thought!
There was so much to choose from - and you don't really know how dancers teach until you do a workshop... so we signed in for 3 workshops with Geraldin Rojas and Ezequiel Paludi, but only did one. For a number of reasons...mostly that they talked more than they let us practise - and they didn't go round and dance with participants and there was so much else to choose from. Of the other workshops Joaquin Amenabar stood out for me... I just loved his approach and his teaching. He involved us all in learning and understanding rhythm and the history of tango music. If there was a curriculum for tango dance teachers this type of course would be…

Tango Championship

Australians who are gearing up for the 2009 Tango championship will be interested to read what TangoCherie has to say about the finals just held in Buenos Aires. The championship has changed its name to Campeonato de la Ciudad. Cherie has also added a Youtube link which you will want to watch.