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Dancing for Argentina's children

Begun in 2002 by four tango dancers who had visited Argentina at a time of huge economic and social distress, the Sociedad Para Los Ninos, now organises milongas and other fundraising to "to directly assist ordinary people who add value to the lives of underprivileged children in South America".
Two fundraising milongas have already taken place - in Brisbane on 25th July and in Melbourne on 19th September. Now it's Sydney's turn on October 4 at Marrickville. Should be a great night... live music, performances, auction and raffles - and lots of great dancing - I'll be going - hope all of Sydney turns up!!

TangoOz - quite wonderful

On Saturday at twilight we set off for Sydney's Conservatorium of Music, crossing the harbour in one of our quaint old ferries and making our way to the top of the hill where the Con. commands a corner of the Botanic Gardens. Our purpose was to listen to TangoOz, initiative of the Sydney Youth Orchestra, led by Maggie Ferguson. We were very sad to miss the orchestra when they played in July under the baton of Ignacio Varchausky and were determined not to miss them this time. They only played five pieces, but each very different. Beginning with Carlos di Sarli's 'Organito de la Tarde' which they played more in the style of di Sarli's 1940s arrangements, they followed with Redencion, a work of Alfredo Gobbi's, then one I didn't know 'Absurdo' with superb vocals from a young tenor, Camilo Lascano. Two tango favourites followed - 'Gallo Ciego' composed by Agustin Bardi and a raw 'La Yumba' one of Pugliese's most well-known. We loved …

Tango on the Today Show Channel 9

Congratulations to Sophia and Pedro Alvarez from Patio de Tango on an excellent impromptu performance on the Today Show on Channel 9 this morning. The story was about tango being good for relationships and in usual morning television style was a light weight grab but Pedro and Sophia did an excellent job of presenting their love of tango and its role in their relationship. I know it was impromptu because I received an email yesterday morning asking me to find the show a tango couple and because I was out of the office I was not able to assist! Less than 24 hours notice.

Finding facturas

One of the most satisfying treats I came across in Buenos Aires was the facturas - little pastries sometimes filled with delicious caramel (dulce de leche) which I was introduced to by a Chilean girl who lived with us some years back but had never found in such delicious treats before. My friend Saboo loves these pastries, particularly the media lunas (like croissants - see picture) as much as I do and she has discovered that you can indeed get them in Sydney and Melbourne at...
Confiteria Macel, shop 3, 63A Brennan Street, Smithfield, NSW
El Molino, 3/105 Tangerine Street, Fairfield East, NSW
and in Melbourne at
Cafe Tango, 107 Hoddle Street, Richmond.
If you know of more such establishments please let me know!

Do you read our newsletter

Each month we put out a newsletter about tango events and news from around Australia. One of the highlights this month is a fantastic Tango Show that is coming to Sydney for one night only at the City Recital Hall. If you rely on word of mouth to get your news you can miss out...the latest newsletter will be online in a couple of days, subscribers got theirs tonight.
I hope you'll sign up for the next one!

Will the tango scene come to life in the spring?

I hope so. The tango scene in Sydney has grown ten-fold since I first became involved in learning about the dance and the music - and it is great that most nights of the week there are at least 2 milongas to choose from, sometimes 3. It has been my experience as the owner of small businesses that competition, while it can be scarey, is vital if the industry is going to grow. Lately the scene has been a tad quiet. Whether it's winter, the GFC, tango politics, too many other demands on dancer's time - or a combination of all - spring may tell. The problem with quiet is that the milongas don't have the vibrancy one comes to need. Tonight I am going to one of Sydney's biggest, Patio de Tango's Camperdown milonga to meet up with two friends who have just returned from 3 weeks in the tango mecca and find out about classes, teachers and milongas in BsAs, new shoes - and their experiences this time - including a little goss about the Tango Festival just finished.