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What a beautiful blue tango night

A big thank you to everyone who came last night to our Blue Tango Birthday night for the Milonga de Mis Amores. Everyone got into the spirit of the night and it was really lovely - and blue!! My only regret - no Opera (renamed tango) cake left to take home. It was all devoured. As were the Blue Tango cocktails. The Gladesville RSL are fantastic, wish they would let us stay past 12.

Blue Tango Milonga - getting ready

I love organising milongas... and I put heaps of time and energy into it cos I only do one a month(well to be honest I love organising, but when it's something I enjoy it's even more fun). This weekend we are celebrating a year at a fantastic venue - Gladesville RSL, doesn't sound too glam but they have a great ball room which we have exclusive use of with it's own bar and an excellent restaurant in the next room. We feel very fortunate when so many venues have shut down so we are making the most of it.
I have chosen Blue as the theme, simply because I love blue... and have found blue candles, blue lighting and had a blue tango cocktail created especially for the night.
I'm hoping people will really enter into the spirit (not the alcohol) and dress in something blue (prizes will be awarded, including our usual free movie passes). And I've ordered a totally decadent Opera Cake from the local French patisserie - we will call it a Tango Cake of course- it is not blu…

Tango's future

During the week I went to the Twilight Tango concert at the Sydney Conservatorium presented by the Sydney Youth Orchestra and the Sydney Conservatorium - see posting below. If you missed it - you missed a treat!
It was an evening of fantastic live tango music presented by dynamic young musicians led by Maggie Ferguson. Musicians are drawn mostly from both the SYO and the Sydney Conversatorium - and auditions are open for 2010.

As well as the superb TangoOZ which is an associate of the Orquesta Escuela de Tango in Buenos Aires, we were treated to performances of a number of different tango ensembles that have been formed by the students. Outstanding amongst these was the Carlos Gardel band playing 'Por Una Cabeza'.

As a keen follower of these young musicians I am looking forward to being treated to more performances - and to dancing to their music. If you would like to find out more subscribe to the TangoAustralia newsletter or go to Tango Music Australia

A beautiful dancer is in town

On Saturday night as I sat watching the dancers on the floor at the elegant City Tatts milonga - a beautiful dancer caught my eye - and that of just about every one else in the room. She was dancing elegantly, simply and beautifully with one of Sydney's teachers and I was fortunate enough to be sitting with someone who could tell me who she was, as I had never seen her before. Her name is Belen Silva and she has apparently been teaching in Japan, though she comes from Argentina. So I did a little hunting on Youtube and found a video of her.

One-off Live Tango Music Events this Week in Sydney

I've been asked to let you know about 2 great opportunities this week to hear Sydney's tango musicians perform - at very little cost!!

At the Glebe Street Fair tomorrow, Sunday 15thTango Bar quartet will be playing live music from 12-3pm at Junktique. There will be chairs and tables set up on the street as well as around the dance floor, and waiters in costume serving snacks, coffee and wine. Junktique is full of fabulous old chandeliers, furniture and vintage pieces which will help to create an atmosphere of nostalgia and elegance - combined with a fabulous sound system it should be a great space for tango.

The event is free and you will find Junktique at 62 Glebe Point Road, Glebe.

On Wednesday 18 November hear some of the greatest orchestral tangos played from original arrangements by Sydney’s leading tango orchestra musicians at the Twilight TangoOZ concert.

Tango dancers are welcome to join special guests Harry Carr & Chrissy Ynfante from Tangueros and dancers from A Lit…

Glebe Fair in Sydney to launch new Milonga Venue

We've just published a story on TangoAustralia about the launch of Junktique in Glebe as a milonga venue. The first milonga will be a Sunday afternoon - November 15 - when the Glebe Street Fair is on and the band Tango Bar will play.
So it's not all bad news... one door closes and another opens. Check out the full info on TangoAustralia

Another Sydney milonga venue disappears

I'm not superstitious!! but sometimes things to happen in threes (see below).
Just received an email from Sydney's Patio de Tango advising that the Swingtime Dance Studio in Camperdown where they have been holding their monthly Saturday milongas has been sold to a developer...which means that after this weekend - November 7 - they too will be looking for a venue!

Who said we can't call the glorious years of Tango music a Golden Age?

On the Sydney tango forum someone has written that we do not have a Golden Age of Tango because the term 'never existed while the orchestras you are referring to were performing!' If this reasoning had any basis we would not have a Golden Age of Hollywood, a Golden age of Greece, a Golden Age of couture...Golden Age is a term used to describe a period of prosperity and achievement that leaves a legacy long after it is over.
We do have a Golden Age of Tango music - and without it tango would be very poor. Those are the orchestras that so many of us love to dance to and listen to - and the music that so many of today's tango musicians strive to play.
We did some research on Golden Ages which we've published on TangoAustralia