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10 tips for dancing - and enjoying - tango in 2010

I'm not really into NYE resolutions... so here, with reference to Mr Teece's tips for life - are 10 tips that are worth thinking about ...

1. Be understanding and generous with time.
Remember how it feels when you first start to tango and take the time to make others feel welcome
2. Be forgiving of yourself and others.
We all make mistakes but turning them from molehills into mountains does no one any favours. Learn to be humble.
3. Become the most positive and enthusiastic person you know.
4. Persistence, persistence, persistence
5. Commit to constant improvement and quality.
6. Happiness is not based on who you danced with last, - but on relationships with people you respect and love. Similarly, it is not the end of the world if you have a night of few (or even no) dances. It is just the way it happens. Enjoy the company of those around you and make new friends.
7. Be honest and open.
8. Take good care of the ones you respect and care about.
9. Remember that it is not other people wh…

Santa comes to Tango

I've been to 2 Christmas milongas in the last week where presents were handed out to everyone... well almost everyone. At the first milonga which was Tango Embrace at Avalon's RSL everyone got a present! Quite an amazing feat on the part of the organisers Margarita and Guy and a very sweet thought. At the second, last night organised by Sydney's Tango Club, everyone was asked to bring a present worth $10 and mark it for a man or a woman. Well of course not everyone did - there are always those who don't participate for reasons often unfathomable, and even though the organisers chipped in with a few extras not everyone got a present, but it was good fun. This is a first for me in all the years (8) that I have been in the tango scene...a very nice gesture!
Also for the first time in years there is a gap of 3 nights before another milonga - which is the Milonga de Mis Amores for Boxing Day. I have planned a night of pure tango, mostly from the Golden Age, and included a fe…

Great! Sydney Festival - but still no tango

Every year I hope that the organisers of the Sydney Festival will bring out a tango trio, quintet or band...every year nothing! I used to write to the organisers and ask them to consider tango but I have stopped. We have the wonderful Spiegeltent which has been the venue for tango in other cities, but not in Sydney. When you search the Festival website there is nothing for tango! Last year they suggested that it might be part of the dance party - but I didn't find it.
Considering that tango shows in Sydney do well I can't be the only one who would love to have a tango band - not only would those of us who love to dance to the music be over-joyed, others would enjoy it too. I got hooked on tango when I heard a group playing at WOMADelaide in the late 1990s - but I think that is the last time a Festival has brought out a tango band.
I'm so cheesed that I am not going to add a link to the Festival website, if you want to find out what is on you will have to do a Google search!…

Performances at Milongas

As we come up to Christmas many of the milonga organisers are planning special performances and some live music to celebrate the end of the tango year. When I first came to tango I loved performances. I enjoyed watching my teachers and the teacher I had at the time, a young South American, was - and is - a really charismatic dancer. His performances nearly always sent a tingle down my spine. He was also a good milonga host (when he put his mind to it) and his milongas were fun.
But over the years I have sat through some very second rate, drawn out performances. Children playing the violin! cabaret performances and singers who don't know when to stop... and so I am always careful about a milonga that advertises a performance. I should add that I have also enjoyed some outstanding performances by first class musicians and singers as well as dancers. Sometimes however you can get caught out and find yourself sitting through performance after performance at this time of year when you …