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Swooping and stomping at milongas

Last night was the big milonga at the Concord RSL in Sydney. Since it first began, when a crowd of 30 or 40 was considered acceptable, this milonga has grown into a Big Night Out with live music and dancers you rarely see elsewhere.
A crowded floor (for Sydney)is not the place for tango egos, but it seems that we will always have to watch displays of tango 'prowess' at the expense of other dancers and last night was no exception. Sydney has a number of male dancers who consider swooping into the spaces left by the more sedate, and considerate dancers, to be essential to their image - and swoop they do. Into a gap and then back out again without a thought for anyone else. This behaviour makes following line of dance very difficult for all and it is not uncommon to find oneself dancing on the spot while your partner waits for the swooper to move on.
Frequently their partners will kick backwards, a hazard at any time, or worse step onto the instep of an unsuspecting foot. Sadly th…

Sydney to host tango intensive with Belen Silva

Regular readers of Angelina's tango blog will remember how excited I was in November to see a beautiful new dancer at a Sydney milonga. I discovered it was Belen Silva and since then she has come to the Milonga de Mis Amores in Gladesville and I've got to know her. She will be giving workshops as part of a pre-festival program for the Australian International Festival. For the first time this festival will be offering a pre-festival intensive from February 22 to March 20 and this year it will be taken by Belen who will join the Festival as a teacher with her partner Diego Gonzalez.
I have also had the pleasure of watching Belen dance, not only at Gladesville, but at other milongas around Sydney.
Belen performed with Diego at the World Tango Championships in Buenos Aires in 2006...

Playlists again

Tonight is the Milonga de Mis Amores at Gladesville...if you are coming and would like to know what we are playing do ask me for a playlist. We always print them out - and anyone can check it out. One day I hope to learn to DJ on the fly, though I think it would still be wise to prepare a list in advance ... would love someone who knows how to do to this to teach me... but for the time being will stick to what I know. Oh and getting the lamingtons ready!

Tango DJs - to program or not to program playlists

At a recent milonga I had a conversation with a fellow tango DJ about playlists. This came about because this milonga has excellent music from tango's Golden Age. The DJ presents tango from the old Guard to Pugliese - most dancers know what to expect and the milonga is known for its generally excellent music. Our discussion was about whether the music sets the mood or the dancers. And we both agreed that it is the music that sets the mood - and that putting together a playlist on the fly can lead to all sorts of problems - such as playing too much of one orchestra and nothing of another. Or inadvertently playing waltz and milonga in one tanda - an experience that is not unknown. I have yet to go to a milonga where the DJ puts the music on to please the mood of the dancers - it has been my experience that this does not lead to a better selection of music - or happier dancers... have you found differently?
At Gladesville Milonga it is not possible to have the DJ watching the dance fl…

Tango and Peru

Dance in Buenos Aires... dream in the Andes!
We're going to Buenos Aires in April at last!
We tried to go last year but it was not meant to be - our families needed us. So we've booked again - and we're taking a group. Seems a pity to go all that way and not see more of the amazing South American continent so we are going to Peru and maybe even the fjords of Chile! It's great having a travel agent on hand as we can plan and know that everything will be fantastically well organised.
If you think you'd like to join us - check out the details on the TangoAustralia website - you need to book soon if you want the 4 free hotel nights!!

Osvaldo Zotto dies at 46

I have just spent the afternoon doing some research on Osvaldo Zotto, one of the most beautiful and charming tango dancers, who passed away suddenly in Buenos Aires on 8th January. I found it difficult to find information on Osvaldo, the younger of the two famous Zotto brothers, and even reviews of his performances were not easy to come by, yet he had an enormous following and his dancing was sublime. A few years ago my partner and I did workshops with Osvaldo, both in Buenos Aires and in Sydney and I am very pleased that we have a set of his advanced tango workshops with Lorena Ermocida on video... once again we will enjoy watching and learning from this amazing man and his interpretation of tango.
You can read the obituary on TangoAustralia and also check out Cherie's Tango Blog for a superb video of Zotto dancing solo. As well as a performance by Tete Rusconi, a much loved milonguero.

Milonga reviews

Last night was my second milonga for 2010 - the delightful Tango Encanto at Copacabana - this has to be one of the friendliest milongas in town... one tanguero even commented on how much he liked my 10 tips posting!
Sadly Sydney did not have a NYE milonga!
Tango Cherie's latest post mentions a new book from El Tanguata magazine called Veneno de Tango (Tango Venom) which is a compilation of short stories and review of milongas in BA... sounds fascinating.
So I am thinking Milonga Reviews... Now I am a sometime reader of Tango-L (sometimes I just can't be bothered reading through all the nasty or know-it-all postings). However side-stepping the current debate about taking a backward step that seems to have been going on for days, recent postings have included reviews of milongas in BA, which makes me wonder if you would like to read - or write - milonga reviews? Writing a review can be as simple as describing the venue, but since as one of the Tango-L posters wrote "the dri…