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Belen Silva 's Australian debut

Last night was our Milonga de Mis Amores and for fun we had a Puttin on the Ritz theme with cortinas by the inimitable Fred Astaire, a few top hats, tails and lots of sparkle and glamour. The highlight of the night was the performance by Belen Silva, Sydney's newest dancer and the most exciting thing to happen to tango in this city for some time. Belen was trained in Buenos Aires and met her Australian fiance in Tokyo, where she was teaching, and they have moved to Sydney. Belen is getting to know the Sydney tango scene, so what better way to introduce her to local dancers but for her to do a performance?
We are delighted that she chose the Milonga de Mis Amores as the venue for her debut performance. Partnered by local dancer Sonny Huy, Belen performed three numbers - a tango, a waltz and a milonga. Here is a snippet of their performance to Milonga Criolla...
I for one can't wait to see her dance again - it was the most exciting local performance I have seen in years - and afte…

Dani Tuero and Aja Fenn in Sydney

Last night at Sydney's Tango Encanto milonga in Bondi Junction, we were treated to a performance by Sydney's current visiting teachers - Dani Tuero and Aja Fen. Much loved by some of Sydney's tango dancers this couple will no doubt inspire and delight many of Sydney's tango dancers. I enjoyed their performances but it is not a style I aspire to, though I don't for one minute doubt that I could learn something from their workshops. When I first started to tango (and had more tango dollars to spend) I used to do all the workshops but these days I have to be more careful as there is so much to choose from. If you can afford it I believe that saturating yourself in tango in the first few years of dancing is the best way to go - so do take time to find out more about this duo (check out the TangoAustralia February Newsletter). Dani and Aja have just been to Byron Bay for a weekend tangofest and will travel west to Perth after Sydney.
And I have to take the opportunity…

Dancing to keep young

I've just spent a weekend away from tango, visiting my aged parents who live some hours outside Sydney - and celebrating my father's 90th. When they were young my parents loved to dance, and I remember as a child watching open mouthed as my mother put the finishing touches to a ball dress she had sewn herself from one of the latest patterns. Then she and my father, usually dressed in his 'penguin suit', would set off for a ball. These memories make me feel a little sad as now my parents are very much in the latter stages of their lives and my dancing mother, needs help to get in and out of a car - no more dancing for her. It also reminds me of the article on TangoAustralia which points how dancing into your latter years keeps you active mentally as well as physically. So I will try to make up for the weekend I missed by dancing tango more this week - and hope that I can stave off my genetic inheritance.

News about Tango in Australia

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