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Teaching tango

Because I run a milonga once a month and get involved in other tango events I am often asked if I teach tango. The answer is no. I have been dancing tango socially for around 10 years and feel that I still have a long way to go because I don't devote a huge amount of time to practise and because I started fairly late in life. But that is not the reason I don't teach - I don't teach tango for a number of reasons but I should I be tempted I would not do so unless I had qualifications as a dance teacher.
There are many who visit Buenos Aires for a few weeks, or months, take lessons during their stay and return to Australia and open up a tango school. And there are a few who don't even do that before they feel they are good enough to teach tango. This is possible because there are no recognised credentials so it is a free for all. Winning competitions and awards, even practising every day, does not make a dance teacher. Of course there are those who are natural teachers a…

Tony Speaks Out

Many Sydneysiders will know Tony - he who moved to Buenos Aires about 18 months ago - and they will also know of his dedication and love of tango. When I was in Buenos Aires in April I met up with him - and met Cherie for the first time. It was wonderful to have friends in tango in Buenos Aires and it really made our stay. We had some wonderful nights at the traditional milongas.
Recently Tony has been visiting Europe, including Berlin and yesterday Cherie posted a letter on her blog by Tony about the Tango Festival in Berlin - and Tony's immense disappointment at the fact that is was taken over by people mindlessly dancing nuevo...with no respect for the space of others. (Go to Cherie's blog to read the entire letter Tony wrote to the organisers).
Both Tony and Cherie make the point that Festivals should be marketed so that delegates know what to expect. In Sydney we have the Sydney Salon Tango Festival coming up in September with Javier Rodriguez as the leading draw card... …

Tango performances

One of the blogs I read regularly is Arlene's London Tango Pages As with Tango Cherie in Buenos Aires, it is fascinating to learn that other cities experience the same tango moments as we do here in Sydney.
The issue of Tango Performances is one that has come up on both the above blogs recently and it about to arise again in Sydney as we go into the Professional Tango Performance Season (that time of year when teachers, usually from Buenos Aires, decide to add Australia to their itinerary). Arlene's posting 'Tango Teachers a Dime a Dozen' struck a chord. Arlene is not impressed by many of the 'Tango Teachers' that turn up in London and is quite harsh in her criticism questioning their credentials - and their style. Worth reading if only to disagree.
A new blog I have just discovered via Arlene's is Irene and Man Yung's Tango Blog from Toronto in Canada. Why do onlookers clap certain tango performances ... and why do they clap in the all wrong places? t…

Back to Tango

We've just had a long weekend in Sydney - celebrating the Queen's birthday even though it isn't her birthday we all get a day off! - so we took ourselves out of Sydney and up the north coast for fresh air, walks on the beach, lots of yoga and great company.
We did miss the last night at Glebe Town Hall for La Milonga, which was Sydney's longest-running milonga and for many of us the first milonga where we got up and danced tango! I was sorry not to have the chance to go one last time and hope that they will be back when the renovations are finished.
We also missed some great milongas and a performance by the tango band Fuego Blanco at the Artarmon Nostalgic Tango Bar. So this weekend I will take myself off to the Sydney Conservatorium for a performance of TangoOz, the big(ger) tango band that is also made up of musicians from the Sydney Con and the Sydney Youth Orchestra. There's still time to book if you would also like to hear some great music from Sydney's u…

Tango and football

I have a son who loves dance... so much so that when he left school he studied dance - classical, jazz, tap, contemporary... full-time for 2 years both in Sydney and London. This same son loves football and nothing will get in the way of an Aussie Rules match (though when he was a kid he played soccer). I have yet to get him interested in tango!
There are many similarities between football (especially soccer and Aussie Rules) and dance - fancy footwork, jumps (grand jetes), team play - so when I saw this on Youtube I just had to pass it on. Not only is the dancing great, so is the camera work!