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Personal space and tango etiquette

I read Irene and Man Yung's tango blog with interest - and frequently amazement that they say what they do and can still dance tango! I would not have the temerity to be so blunt! however much of what they say is so true and their latest posting on territory has me thinking about the milonga tomorrow night at Concord RSL. Only when Sydney has a 5th Saturday in the month - and occasionally at Christmas is there just one milonga on for the night - it is a 5th Saturday tomorrow and so Concord is it! Last time I went I did not enjoy the music (live) or the DJ and then there was the problem with floorcraft! but this weekend Fuego Blanco (the young musicians from the SYO and the Con) will be playing so I am venturing into this territory again. Which brings me to floorcraft.
This is usually a crowded dance floor and maybe it is the shape of the floor, or maybe it is just bad tango etiquette, but line of dance was a hit and miss thing at the last Concord milonga I attended.
There was a…

Tango Fire interview on ABC Radio National

Tango Fire are in town - if you read this blog you'll know this already. Check out this interview on Radio National

Tango Fire - a tango showcase

They open in Werribee on 27 July and will perform in Melbourne, Sydney and Canberra and if you have never seen tango danced on stage it will take your breath away. The performances by this young troupe of professional tango dancers  are typical of the performances you will see if you go to a tango show in Buenos Aires and a production such as Tango Fire is a great way to introduce your friends who have never actually seen stage tango to the dance - and to the music. For me the music is very special. I have seen a number of similar shows and while I can marvel at the technical abilities of the dancers - it is listening to the  band Quatrotango that will give me goosebumps. Professional musicians who have performed at many of the famous and popular milongas and also at the World Tango Festival Quatrotango are a treat.
If you've enjoyed the Tango Championships in Australia you will also have the opportunity to see World Stage Tango Champions, 2008,  Jose Fernandez and Melody Celatti …

Sydney to lose its most popular milonguero

I don't think Nelson and his partner will beat Dame Nellie Melba for the number of farewell milongas held in their honour - after all the 19th century opera diva spent nearly 8 years saying goodbye to her Australian audiences and this popular couple have only spent the last couple of months! And to be fair they are not holding the farewells. It is the many milonga organisers in Sydney who want to say farewell to this couple who have been regulars at most of the milongas around town. Particularly Nelson who is seen every night of the week at a milonga, dancing his milonguero style and the occasional canyengue. They will both be sorely missed.
I first met both of them at Wednesday night classes in the Rocks run by a young Colombian, who at the time was Sydney's outstanding male tango dancer.We were beginners in every way and had much to learn (and still do) about the dance, music and culture of tango. Nelson, whose home country is Uruguay, has a wonderful collection of tango mus…

Milonga Para Los Ninos in Buenos Aires

An enterprising couple, John and Cheryl Lowry, in Brisbane (capital of Queensland for those who are not Aussies) set up a charity for children in Argentina some years back and have been raising money through milongas around Australia. Their milongas are always very well organised and the raffles are lots of fun....John has just written to let me know of a Milonga Para Los Ninos to be held in Buenos Aires on July 30... so if you are in Buenos Aires... here are the details.

"It’s a pleasure for me to let you know that Milonga para los Niños, an initiative born in Brisbane, Australia, will have a place in Buenos Aires, on July 30th at La Milonguita.
Since 2002 a group of Australian Tango lovers has been organizing in Brisbane on the last week of July, La Milonga para los Niños, to get funds for poor children in  Argentina and South America through a net all over the world. El Hogar Los Horneros at La Reja, in Buenos AiresProvince, will receive the money th…

Newsletters for Tango dancers

Beginning of the month and we do our best to get the TangoAustralia newsletter out today... and it's done! So check it out when it goes online tomorrow if you don't subscribe (though it's free, no strings attached).
There's lots happening now in Australia and more coming in the second half of the year... if you have news you would like other tangueros to know about, please email me -

Tangocherie has the July issue of Diostango available for download. Then there's an update just out from BA Tango. The original 'what's on in Tango in BA' magazine has just put out an update so if you are going to BA soon, check it out on scribd.