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Sydney's new Tango Festival greets visitors

Last night was Meet and Greet - the name given to last night's milonga to begin the first Sydney Salon Tango Festiva -  tonight it's the Welcome Milonga. It is great to see so many new faces - people from interstate and overseas who have come to be part of this Festival. I am sure that many new friends will be made and old friendships renewed. This is one of the great sides to a festival, it gives everyone - depending on their social skills and willingness - a chance to meet and dance with people outside their usual community.  Because of Sydney's appalling transport system, after about 10 pm it is hard to get anywere let alone home!  we, and many others, often find themselves taking visitors back to their accommodation - there has to be something good about this world-class city having a dysfunctional public transport system.
Sydney put on it's best face today apart from The Pollen Count - so hopefully most of our visitors will have had the opportunity to explore Bon…

Anticipating Tango

Just a few days before Sydney has it's first ever Sydney Salon Tango Festival with Big Name Dancers here to run workshops, perform, perform, perform and regular dancers like me suffer milonga overdose! Am looking forward to it... the only regret being that I would also love to be at Tango in Spring in Canberra which is on at the same time. Once upon a time in another life I wrote about gardens and flowers for a living and visiting Canberra at this time of year is famous for Floriade, a truly gorgeous display of spring flowers, gardens and a celebration of spring... a bonus for those visiting our national capital.
And I  am looking forward to the next couple of months as well. Have been working on a project for October that will bring a new element to the Sydney tango scene - which came together on the weekend! Then in November we will be the beneficiaries of two fabulous musicians from Buenos Aires who will be here to teach our young tango musicians more about the music of their …

Savvy - food and tango

Tonight I missed my favourite weekday milonga Tango Encanto at Copacobana because I had just got back from Byron Bay. A flying visit that involved feeling like a Melbourne tourist because I didn't take the right clothes - it was warm; staying indoors because it was not only too warm, but horribly windy; and enjoying the food and ambience at a great Japanese restaurant called Savvy Bar & Teppanyaki that is tucked away in Fletcher Street and deserves to be visited by everyone who goes to Byron (not least because it is run by the charming Sam who will give tango dancers a 10% discount.).
You can't dance tango if you don't eat! and I love my food - but it has to be good.
And so we segue into a tango - danced by the lovely Jennifer and her partner Chris at El Beso. This couple normally run the Copacobana milonga (they have left it in the Very Capable Hands of DJ Sonny and Katherine (an excellent baker of cakes another reason I am sorry we missed tonight). For those who don…

Tango Championship Issues

Just read Tito Palumbo's critique of the Tango Championships in BA. I have serious concerns about how this can ever be run as a real competition, having been involved here in Australia and learnt about it as a franchisee! when that is what is was. Seems it has new and serious problems. Check it out on scribd

Secrets of a Good Dancer

A story in this morning's Sydney Morning Herald led me to the original story on the BBC on the secrets of a good dancer, thinking I might learn something. I am not in the market for a partner which is basically what this story is all about - a good male dancer is apparently a healthy specimen with good reproductive potential who is therefore the most attractive dancer to women.
Of course they weren't dancing tango - they were 'bopping' - but even so it made sense as one who has 'bopped' in their time that the men who moved their torso in a variety of fluid movements were more attractive to women than the men who twitched and lacked variety. Check out the link above for the video showing an avatar dancing in the 2 different styles.
So how does one translate this to tango? Here are my points on what, for me, makes a good tango dancer ...
- He is essentially musical - he moves in time to the music
- He connects with his partner and moves her effortlessly - and sh…

Don't fly down to Rio

With a partner in travel I frequently get travel news over the breakfast table and this morning was no exception. Qantas it seems is considering flying to Rio de Janiero instead of to Buenos Aires because more people want to go there. Now at the risk of sounding like an ad for our national airline, this will be a great disappointment to me. Having flown four times with Argentina's national carrier it is an experience I never want to repeat - it felt like flying in a leaky cardboard box! Also this year we flew with the flying kangaroo and it was extremely comfortable. Plus which it takes much less time than stopping off in Auckland - or going via Santiago in Chile which is the other alternative.
So I am writing this to encourage anyone intending to visit Argentina from Australia in the immediate future to book with Qantas - and encourage them to keep flying direct from Sydney to BA!! And while I'm plugging away I may as well include a plug for Travel Choice - email travel@trave…

Tango Stage final - and the winners

Not sure what to write about the finals of the Tango Stage Championships 2010 that took place in Buenos Aires on 31st August. I have seen many stage tango performances, having been involved in organising the Championships here in Sydney for the first 3 years, and I find it more and more difficult to go Wow! so I feel that had I been present at the event with blogger Mark I would have had the same reaction. (ho-hum!).Read Mark's blog for a full account of the evening. Had I been there I would have hung around for the Orquesta Escuela de Tango as I am a big fan of theirs... sadly I have yet to find a youtube video of their performance.
I also feel a little sad after reading the comment posted by Janis on the post below, Viva Argentina, asserting that the couple who won the Salon Tango learnt from the 'right' teachers which guaranteed their win.
The stage winners are Diego Ortega and Chizuko Kuwamoto (Colón, Argentina)

So for those who are interested here is the Argentinian…

Viva Argentine Tango

My last post coincided with the finals of the Tango Championship, or World Cup as the Argentinians are now calling it, in Buenos Aires. Tango is definitely not dead - not that any of us believed it ever was, just that in my research amongst old newspapers on another project I occasionally come across some fascinating trivia!
400 couples from 23 countries competed for the crown of Salon Tango Champions and it was won by a young (very young) Argentinian couple. For me they don't have the passion of the older milongueros and while I can see they are enthusiastic and energetic and they clearly have tango in their blood, I would like to see the crown going to the experienced mature dancers.
Read more on TangoAustralia
Here is a report from Argentinian television... see what you think!