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A Tango hometruth

I had this copy sitting on my computer waiting for the right moment... which seems to be now as I have just discovered tangocynic on Youtube! He/she has obviously been round Tango for a while!

My least favourite tanguero ... is one man and many men, but he thinks he is among the best. He can be any age, but when he is a beginner he makes friends with the older women and asks them to dance. Many are happy to dance with a new man and will endure being stepped on and dancing out of time to the music in the expectation that when his man has improved, the dancing is good. But this man is on his way up! He thinks. He is practising for the time when he feels that his dance floor skills are good enough to ask the lovely young things or the teachers. My least favourite tanguero goes to workshops and classes with local and visiting teachers, he reads and researches tango and becomes, in his own eyes, an expert. He practises and he does improve. He takes a trip or more to Buenos Aires. Once he con…

Travel tip offs

Before my partner became a travel agent I was greatly in favour of doing my own travel arrangements as much as possible. Little did I know of the possible traps but since he has become of a travel agent I have heard some awful stories of people whose holiday has been ruined by bad luck (mostly because they didn't use a travel agent!)Now  I would only do domestic flights online - nothing else. Why? Because apart from anything else
I don't want to find I have been ripped off by my landlord when I leave my apartment.I love to markets and enjoy the produce and to feel like I am part of the city. I also love to stay in a hotel when that suits.  See this forum on apartment Buenos Aires - which I just found and which is the reason I am writing this post! Who needs this type of hassle? I want to be met at the airport by a guide holding up my name who then takes my bag and drops me tay in an apartment when I visit a city because it gives a chance to meet more locals, to shop,…

La Cumparsita on Dancing with the Stars

We all know Jennifer Grey can dance - that is if we watched Dirty Dancing - so this is really no surprise. It is an electric performance I think... what do you think?

Festival Evaluation

My happy snaps aren't the best but they will give those who didn't attend a small idea of the night of the Grand Milonga of the Sydney Salon Tango Festival held at Sydney Boy's High in the Great Hall.
The night had a different feel to the night before. The hall was more crowded, the tables closer together and the dance floor even more of a log jam (sadly).  The highlight of the evening for everyone was the performances - and the highlight of the performances was without a doubt, Gabriel Misse and Natalia Hills. Clearly classically trained Gabriel's footwork is intricate, precise and so fast that his legs move in a blur. It is as if he has more than one set of feet as his toes point in perfect position and his triple traspies (is there such a thing?) flash past - hence no photo of Gabriel it would just have been a blur!
The first performance of the evening was Andres Laza Moreno and Isabel Acuna, whose dancing is truly salon and very elegant and refined. Then Gabriel Mis…

Apologies - and a tango digression

Apologies to any readers who were waiting for the next tango festival installment - I will write something after this...  I had family responsibilities (some sad, some happy) and have not been able to get back to the blog until now. ..
I just came across a posting on the SydneyTango forum by a disappointed dancer from the Festival - I thought I would copy some of it here and my thoughts!
Tangodancer76 wrote:

At last Friday's milonga, I didn’t dance at all. Cue the violins, please.

This was not due to a lack of trying or being new on the scene, in fact, I think I pulled out all the stops I had used, quite successfully, in the past. Perhaps you can suggest something to help me next time. 

You can read all her post and an answer, here.
This is a recurrent problem - and one that was being discussed at the table where I was sitting on Saturday night as I sat with 6 women and 2 men. One way I can see of avoiding this at a big special occasion milonga, where everyone is being given a seat…

The ups and downs of a Tango Festival

You arrive home at 1.30am with sore feet, but the adrenalin is still pumping and you have to get yourself into sleep mode. My recipe is a cup of hot chocolate, sometimes a piece of Vegemite toast (overseas readers who have not grown up with Vegemite may not know that this is a strange salty black substance that Aussies grow up spreading on crackers and toast, even eggs and avocados) and a book until I slumber.
Last night was the Aussie BBQ milonga (the third of 6) for the Sydney Salon Tango Festival - my partner and I arrived home at 1.30 and went through the getting to sleep ritual. This milonga was held at a new venue for Sydneysiders - the Sydney Boys' High Great Hall. Built at the end of the Depression and opened around 1932, this school consists of grand buildings and a large grassed quadrangle with a fountain! (rare in a Sydney public school) - the Great Hall opens onto to this area.
A cavernous room with a beautiful old wooden floor and good acoustics, a kitchen area and co…