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A Tango Treat for Easter from TangoEncanto

If you missed Thursday night's TangoEncanto milonga then you missed a delightful Easter treat! No it wasn't chocolate, though there were certainly chocolate eggs for everyone... it was a fantastic tango danced by Chris Condron and Jennifer Wood, principles of Tango Encanto
The first time I ever saw good tango dancers take tango to a different dimension with some very clever humour was Eduardo Cappussi and Mariana Flores in Buenos Aires in 2003. It was fabulously entertaining as well as great dancing.
On Thursday night, Jenny and Chris performed the 'Chicken Tango' with the same passion, humour and skill. The music was written by one of Australia's alternative bands who perform in nightspots for those in the know such as Quirkz. Bordering on the burlesque this delightful piece was totally suited to the theatrical side of both these dancers - and the fact that Jenny is pregnant made her chicken even more believable.
So if you missed it I'm sorry! because it was ab…

Choosing music for a milonga playlist

Last night I finished putting together the playlist for Saturday's milonga at Gladesville. Putting together a playlist is rather like putting together a magazine, something I did for many years as a magazine editor, a memory that was refreshed this week by the ABC's program Paper Giants on the rise and rise of Ita Buttrose. Sitting around at an editorial meeting deciding the content for the next issue has an affinity with sitting with dancers at a milonga and listening to their comments about the music and their likes and dislikes. As with a magazine editor, so  with a tango DJ - I  am responsible for the success of the magazine/milonga - and for whether the buyers/dancers will return.

I have a list of the orchestras from the excellent guides on the Tejastango website of Stephen and Susan Brown. This is one of the most authoritative and thorough sites on tango music and a great resource for all tango DJs; among their many guides is their annotated List of Tandas..
I also kee…

Sex and tango

You can spend all day trolling around on Tango Blogs. There are some excellent written blogs, with incisive and interesting postings - today I found Melina's two cents... and I found this post about sex and tango. Timely as only the other night I was talking to a fellow tanguera about relationships that come and go on and off the tango floor - and how at times the tango scene has all the elements of a soap opera! Some folk seem to be amazingly naive about the tango scene as a ' hunting ground' (Melina's term)... I won't steal Melina's thunder. Read her blog if you have ever thought about sex and tango in the same moment!

The bored look will get you nowhere - or will it?

At Thursday night's Tango Encanto milonga I was intrigued to watch a tall, good-looking girl with great legs, move around the floor with her head awkwardly on one side, her eyes wandering all over the room and one of the most bored expressions I have seen in a long time.She didn't just do this with one partner - with whom she could quite possibly have been bored - she danced most of the night and she did it with every man she danced with - many of whom were experienced dancers.. She was clearly a beginner, but this is no excuse to look as if she would rather be anywhere but on the dance floor. She was moving in time to the music, so maybe she was concentrating on following.  However I think one needs to be aware that the  look on your face can be a real turnoff.
Perhaps  teachers need to tell beginners about this. I would certainly find such a look a turnoff if I was a man looking to ask someone for a dance. Or do men just assume that the girl is only bored with her current p…

Music for dancing and music for the DJ

Music maketh the milonga - is the title of a piece we posted on TangoAustralia last month and once again this past weekend I was reminded of how the music can make or break the milonga for dancers.
 I went to one milonga where the music was excellent and the dancers filled the floor - highlights including an excellent Di Sarli tanda , a fantastic Donato milonga tango with the great 'Sacale Punta', the superb 'Poema' leading off a beautiful Canaro tanda - and at least 2 great rhythmical D'Arienzo tandas. It didn't matter that there was a little candombe, and a couple of tandas that didn't urge me to dance - that's par for the course.
Then I went to another milonga where there were only 2 milonga tandas all night and only 2 waltz tandas, and for me, no memorable tango tandas. The most memorable thing about one milonga tanda was the way it opened with a very fast candombe, then went to a obscure milongas which were not complimentary to the first - I feel…