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Crazy floorcraft... again!

Javier Rodriguez noticed it... so did Jorge Dispari, Ney Melo, Sergio Cortazzo... and numerous other visiting teachers to Sydney - our floorcraft is generally Bad. And last night was no exception.Why? Good floorcraft is basically good manners and following a few simple rules about proceeding in line of dance. Sydney is sometimes described as brash - we are not known for our good manners. My daughter who has recently returned from living in the USA remarked recently that manners on Sydney's roads were worse than those she had experienced in nearly 3 years of driving in LA!
Last night's milonga had a busy floor for Sydney, the music was excellent - as always at this milonga - and dancers from beginners to those who had been dancing for 10 or more years was there. Sadly it was a handful of the more experienced dancers who were causing many of the problems. You can't blame beginners for stopping as they work their way through the steps they are bravely trying to master. A goo…

Tango shoes and still more tango shoes

Why do women love shoes so much? Why do so many find it necessary to have more than one or two pairs of tango shoes? And why is the search for the perfect shoe never over? As a woman with only 12 pairs of tango shoes I can't answer any of these questions.
I love looking at, dreaming about and buying shoes - especially tango shoes. I have a shoe cupboard that takes up a whole wall in my bedroom and it is overflowing! I know a beautiful pair of shoes makes one feel special - and that when someone comments on your tango shoes you feel even more pleased!
An article in Psychology Today suggests it may have something with making a woman's legs look longer than her torso. Apparently "a person of average height (5ft 4in tall) was rated most attractive when their inside leg measurement was 30.5 in, which is 5% longer than the average leg measurement for a person that size.  In other, words you could be more attractive if you could lengthen your legs by a few inches..." and wh…