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Ash Cloud gets in way of Wellington's Tango

Wellington's Tango Festival is wonderful - but this year the elements have got in the way and the Ash Cloud from the Chilean volcano has stopped flights from Australia to New Zealand for many. There was a little window earlier in the week... but not it looks like many won't make it. Soooo disappointing.

Here is the latest from the Festival organisers who earlier in the week announced that Federico and Ines were unable to make their flight...
"There is some unfortunate news, Carlos and Maria and Alicia Pons have been turned back because of the developments in New Zealand, they are now stuck in Santiago and we have no more options to try to get them here for the festival. Believe me they and we have tried everything.

Alicia's post festival course has been cancelled, there is the possbility to switch to Fabio and Ana's course however, if you wish to do this please email us or we can sort it out when you are here. There will be a refund for this course, which we will …

Tango in Wellington, NZ, given reprieve from the volcanic ash

Apart from the daily news I have been getting a blow by blow account of how the volcanic ash cloud from the volcano in Chile is affecting air travellers from the Silver Fox, who is a travel agent - and has a few clients heading off to Wellington next week for the New Zealand Tango Festival. He was hugely relieved to tell me last night that flights have resumed  - and so of course are the organisers. It is a fabulous festival - I'm not going this year, though I wish I was - apart from the great tango, it is superbly organised and the Kiwis are so friendly. We wish them well! and hope that there are no more disasters to get in the way - the New Zealanders have had more than their fair share.
Flights in and out of South America have also been disrupted and Qantas cancelled flights last week - I believe that their flights remain under review, though other airlines are flying again after 10 days of chaos.
Last year we visited Patagonia - it is such a beautiful, clean wilderness - or wa…

Good Floorcraft and Beautiful Dancing

I'm not writing this just to balance the earlier post about floorcraft - I am writing it so that those who don't dance in Sydney, Australia - and those who do - know that we are capable of good floorcraft. Last night I went to a milonga held on one of the most beautiful floors in Sydney. The Bexley RSL has a parquet ballroom floor which has been kept in excellent condition and it is beautiful to dance on. (Visiting teacher Anibal Montenegro remarked on it to me - and I am sure he's seen some great floors!)
And the floor flowed with some very elegant and precise dancing, not just from Anibal and his Sydney partner Hosanna but also from some of Sydney's good dancers, who were clearly enjoying the music of resident DJ, Pedro. Even the boleos I saw executed were done with elegance and the multiple enrosques did not slow up the line of dance. I am a bit wary of complimenting any one dancer after reading Irene and Man Yung's blog on compliments! So suffice it to say that…

Cold, cucumbers and tango

It's that time of year again when numbers are down at milongas because the nights are cold (for Sydney) and wet (torrential is an adjective created for our rain) and unless you can drive to the door in a warm car sometimes it is just too hard to go. And then you get a cold! Or your partner does - and rather than go to a milonga and pass germs around the dance floor, you decide to forgo it and stay home! At least that what's you hope those with colds will do. The Silver Fox has a cold this weekend so we will be staying home! Or maybe he will - I'll see.
Which brings me to cucumbers! There has been a horrible outbreak of e.coli in Europe - a bacterium that hits suddenly and can kill. It is usually sourced to someone who didn't wash their hands after going to the toilet and before handling food. The poor old cucumber has been made the culprit, but now a bit of commonsense is coming into the media stories and it appears that cucumber could not be the cause.
The link betwee…