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Wow... Fabulous end to a sad week

I've been meaning to post this all week but haven't yet got my head around the loss of one of our most revered tangueros. Eduardo Massey was much loved in the tango community as his funeral showed - the chapel was packed! He left this world suddenly after a brief illness and we will miss his smile, his friendship, his jokes, his knowledge of tango music and his deft footwork on the dance floor (a skill learnt playing soccer at the top level in his youth).

Eduardo would have loved to have seen the skill and the passion that a young couple who have been dancing in Sydney for some years displayed on Saturday night at the Tango Entre Amigos Milonga in Marrickville.
Matias Conca (son of Karina and Fabian who are 2 of the principles of TEA) and his partner Janna Lopez danced a fabulous version of 'Tanguera' and an even more awesome milonga 'La Cicatriz' and wowed the crowd. I have watched this young couple since they first danced at the Australian Tango Championship…

The Smallest of Dance Floors

Floorcraft - or the lack of it - comes up frequently in conversation. As a follower I don't have the issues of having to deal with the swoopers and blockers and I do feel for my partner when his frustrations are spoiling his enjoyment of the dance. Sydneysiders have been told by many - including Jorge Dispari and Javier Rodriguez - that their floorcraft needs work.
We also need to work on our manners. A little consideration goes a long way on the crowded floor, but many dance like they drive, swooping into the safety zone cars have left on crowded highways, and stopping in no stopping zones because it suits them. 
We also need to learn how to dance in a small space - so that when the milonga is 'crowded' (in our terms not as it is in BA) we are able to dance. A friend told me about this performance today. It is amazing, not just because of where the dance takes place, but because the dancers are clearly relishing the small space - and using it to its best advantage -  and …

New to tango? - please stay awhile

For a while there it looked like the tango scene in Sydney would keep on growing - new people came and more left than stayed but those who got hooked just couldn't stay away and became part of the scene. But this year it seems that the tango scene has gone rather quiet… some might even say stale. Few new people have come along and if they are women they will frequently go back where they came from when they find how difficult it is to get a dance at a milonga where there are many more women than men. Or worse they find themselves sitting out at a milonga where even the man they have been learning from does not dance with them.
The arrival of new babies, the break up of partnerships and the disillusionment of one partner with tango have all taken their toll.
As with any activity in Sydney cliques have evolved. Frequently these are people who learn from one tango school and stick together at milongas as well as in class. These groups sit together, dance together and socialise - and…