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Yoga and Piazzolla

I came to yoga and tango at the same time - about 12 years ago! At a time when I was going through a crisis and needed to find a way of looking after myself - after years of neglect! And I have continued to practise them both regularly - I haven't become an expert at either but I love the experiences they both give me and I believe strongly that they complement each other.
This morning I went to my usual yoga class run by one of the experienced teachers, an elfin woman who makes each class interesting and rewarding and finds new ways of teaching and extending us every week. Many of the other classes I go to if there is background music, it is Indian, not really to my liking and I frequently find myself thinking I am listening to barnyard or engine noises. My elfin teacher however has different ideas. Today she was playing the most beautiful cello music and included in the collection was Piazzolla. I love to listen to Piazzolla - I generally find I don't enjoy dancing to his o…

Chaplin didn't dance tango - did he?

I have just spent a glorious afternoon on a wet Australia Day trolling through the channel for La Milonga de Treno.  Thank goodness I am going dancing tonight or I would have to watch them all. The person behind this channel has spent hours putting some of the best tango music to old film clips - many of them famous. I hope that they don't all get taken down by Youtube... just in case - take a look at this - then if you have a whole afternoon/evening/day - check out the rest of the channel!! Very clever.

Giving instruction on the milonga floor

This has always been an issue as there seem to be some who think it is okay to instruct on a milonga floor, rather than reserving it for a practica or a private lesson. Recently I have seen this happen openly and covertly. When it is done openly it can disrupt the dance floor - and upset the vibe as well as the other dancers. When it is done 'undercover' as it were, it can also disrupt things - as I also saw recently where a dancer was obviously obliged to dance with the one person (I presume they were being paid) and was instructing their partner on the floor.
Practising moves off the dance floor - in a corner of the room for example is fine, but practising and/or instructing on the floor is not good manners. I am surprised that some think it is okay - just as I am surprised to hear one teacher touting for business at another teacher's milonga! I accept that tango is a legitimate business for many teachers - and organisers - but I don't accept that it is okay to use o…

Ironing out the problem of sitting out

I have discovered a new term (to me). La planchadora - the woman who sits out all night at a milonga and isn't asked to dance - literally the ironing woman. (Out of curiosity I need someone to tell me if there is a male equivalent). In English this is the wall flower.
Confessions of a Tango Addict wrote in April about la planchadora. Sitting out at a milonga is something every woman has to get used to you she wrote  - for reasons from bad music to not enough men... but she also has a list of things the woman can do avoid becoming an ironing woman! Worth a read by every tanguera - especially those who think they might give up going to milongas even though they love tango.
I have found over the years that sitting out at milongas goes in waves - but one thing I like at Aussie milongas is to sit with friends - both male and female. Generally I will be asked to dance by each of the men (as well as others on a good night) and when I am not dancing I have someone whose company I enjoy t…

Happy 2012 - let us dance with joy!

Yes I will dance today - tonight actually on one of the best floors in Sydney at the Marrickville venue of Tango Entre Amigos! Can't wait... it is a week since we have been to a milonga and it is funny how much you miss it when you can't go!
Australians are really set on closing everything down over Christmas New Year - and for many into January and I really don't like it!! My yoga classes take it to an extreme and there are actually no regular classes for a month. My favourite Growers Markets also take almost a month off (surely the hens are still laying and certainly the fruit and vegies are growing in this warm, wet summer). Tango, thank goodness carried on over Christmas New Year - it is the first time there have actually been milongas on NYE and Christmas Eve for some years (but I couldn't go because of family commitments).
So tonight I will dance - I hope you are getting your quota of tango over Christmas/New Year - and that you have a very Happy 2012 packed with…