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Thank you Mauro and Karina - and my tango community

A belated thank you to everyone who came to the Milonga de Mis Amores on Saturday at the North Sydney Leagues Club. It was a great night with lots of locals and a few from interstate and abroad, and 3 beautiful performances by the visiting dancers Mauro Caiazza and Karina Guillén. This is late because I wanted to accompany it with the video of two of the numbers they danced - Fresedo's 'Pampero' and Donato's milonga 'Sacale Punta' - but I am struggling with iMovie and until I get it right I can't post it...
Meanwhile we are getting ready for this Friday's milonga for Red Nose Day at Willoughby and for the special milonga in two weeks with Daniel Nacucchio and Cristina Sosa...

Warm, friendly - and delightful dancers

Sydney is currently hosting two dancers new to our community - Mauro Caiazza and Karina Guillén. They are two of the most friendly and delightful dancers we have had teaching and performing in our community over the last few years.
The organisers at Tango Reo, who are relatively new in the Sydney tango community, decided to put together this Tango Week of workshops and performances with very little time up their sleeve. The workshops have had great feedback and Mauro and Karina are giving and talented teachers.
On Sunday I enjoyed their performances at the Artarmon milonga of A Little Buenos Aires - and I am delighted that I will get the opportunity to watch them again at the Milonga de Mis Amores at North Sydney Leagues Club on Saturday.
If you are in town do come! You won't be disappointed.
You can watch their performance last Friday at Tango Pasion's milonga on Facebook where you will also find details on the remaining workshops - I believe there is actually a shortage of …

Small milongas, Big pleasure

Over the last 3 nights I have been to what some refer to as 'boutique milongas' - the smaller milongas in Sydney where there may only be 30 or 40 dancers but where the floorcraft is good, the standard of dancing is good, the music is good to excellent - and the company is good! I didn't dance all night, but the dances I had were good - at least 2 tandas were memorable.
Following on from my last posts about raising the standard, it is good to be reminded that you can still have a memorable tango experience in Sydney. I could go dancing again tonight, but I think I may be pushing my luck - though there is one I would love to attend, it is cold and wet! I will savour the dances of the last few nights - and stay in with a good glass of Aussie vino!

How women affect the standards on their tango scene

The quote that follows comes from a comment made on my last post about raising my own standard of tango... Patricia wrote :"Some women choose to dance with men who pull & push them around, have poor floor-craft, whose personal hygiene is wanting, etc. What incentive do those men have to "lift their game"? Possibly very little.

I'll be blunt. Those men are being rewarded by women for anti-social behaviour. Dare I say, we ladies CAN influence standards. We just need to be determined to do so and simply not accept this."
How right she is.
This is definitely a problem - and more so at some of the milongas I attend than others. The problem as I see it at the milongas where women dance with men who progress through the ronda as if they were pushing shopping trolleys or dancing the polka, or where they have remarkable BO problems, is that there is a drastic shortage of men and the women who dance with these 'leaders' do so simply to get a dance/dances…

The desire to improve one's tango

Yes I would love to be a better tango dancer... yes I know I should do more classes/workshops/privates...I am simply coasting along in my tango. One of Sydney's better tango teachers told me this week I was 'very nice to dance with' but I know I would love to do better. So what stops me from doing something about it?
I have decided to take a couple of small  steps to improvement. I have enrolled in 2 forthcoming workshops - and I may do more. I know I really need to do privates with a good leader as well.
Possibly what stops me is what stops many.
Time. Tango is hugely time consuming. You can give it every moment of your spare time and still not feel satisfied. I think it is what keeps so many of us coming back for more. I have an extended family, a part-time job and I'm a freelance writer. I love to cook, to read and  to walk every day and I do yoga at least twice a week. Throw in a few coffees with friends, the occasional trip to the theatre - and there's not a l…