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Sydney Tango Salon Festival Milongas

As I write this I am wondering if Anonymous from Brisbane? came to this year's Tango Festival. He wrote a very interesting critique of last year's event on this blog and I would love to hear his assessment of this year's. In the meantime here are my impressions of this year's milongas - well 2 of them. I didn't go to the Welcome milonga for reasons I won't go into here. And I find I am unable to do workshops and milongas in the same day - I just can't last the distance. Last night (Saturday) and (Friday) the milongas were held at the South Sydney Juniors Leagues Club in Kingsford. This is a venue that is not used by Sydney milonga organisers because it is huge! but it is perfectly suited to the Festival milongas. A huge parquet floor, a stage and a low ceiling are a good canvas to work with. Soft lighting, not too low, not too bright, some spots to give a bit of vibrancy and lights over the supper table are enough. The layout is long tables at right angles…

Still on about seating

Following on from my last post over the weekend I attended four milongas - including the Saturday night one at Marrickville. This has to be one of the best milongas in town - the DJ, Fabian has a great knowledge of Golden Age tango and the floor is one of the biggest and best - and the hosts are unassuming and delightful. But the seating leads to a huge mob of people clustering at one end around 3 long tables and the rectangular tables down the side being virtually deserted. I don't believe this venue has smaller tables and therefore I can't see a solution, but it was interesting, given my current interest in seating, how it unbalanced the milonga. I would like to know what Sydney people feel about it - or don't they care? At Saturday's Milonga de Mis Amores you will find the small tables facing the floor.

Why it is important how you place tables at a milonga

The layout of the tables at a milonga makes a huge difference to a milonga - so I have learnt after many years of organising and attending milongas. You can't line chairs up against the have to have tables. Many organisers will simply use the tables the way they are set out by the venue. This is usually using rectangular tables with the one short end at the floor end - meaning there is a line of people facing each other at right angles to the floor. Some venues will offer circular tables - which means that at least 2 people have their backs to the floor. Not good I have decided after trying to make it work at a previous venue by removing 2 chairs from each table. In Buenos Aires small tables are the general thing and even when the table seats 6 or 8 everyone faces the floor - there are no chairs with their backs to the floor. With the new venues we are using we have small tables - that seat 4 people. And instead of having 2 on each side we are facing the tables to th…