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Melbourne Tango Photo Competition 2012

Last year's Melbourne Tango Photo Competition produced some superb entries  - the winner being Kylie O'Brien's at left - and some of the other prize winners are below. (Sorry they are badly arranged  - no time to arrange the photos but want to get them up).
It is open to photographers around Australia - it would be great to see this as a national competition.
The 4th Annual Photo Exhitibion, which includes a “People’s Choice” award closes
on Wednesday the 31st October all the work will be displayed for thosei nterested to come, view and register your vote. The “Awards Night” will be on Friday 2nd November. Find out more

Daniel Nacucchio dances for his birthday

Thank you to Janis for posting this video in response to my posting about visiting teachers not socialising when they are being paid to be at a Festival and milonga.
Earlier this year we had the honour to host Daniel and his partner Cristina Sosa - and they were absolutely delightful. They did not expect to be treated as celebrities and they were warm and friendly with everyone. So I am not surprised that Daniel danced with everyone for his birthday - he danced with students here. I just wish this was not an exception...

STOP PRESS! Very excited to add that Daniel Nacucchio and Cristian Sosa will be our guests at the Milonga de Mis Amores on October 27... it's also an anniversary milonga for us! So we are planning a very special night with a little bit of Halloween.

The essence of tango


Mas que milongueros, bailarines de verdad, son los que nos heredaron lo mejor de nuestro tango bailado: Enriquito y Lidia Alvarez, Jose y Mary Da Fonte, Roberto y Susana Grassi, Antonio y Susana Da Vita, OSvaldo y Nora Lopez, Eduardo y Sandra Giarnelli, Finito y M. Teresa, Victor y Tota Cruz. De la pelicula de 1988 Tango Bar.

which translates roughly as (please excuse my mistakes)

 Milongueros, true tango dancers, are the ones from whom we have inherited the best tango dancing: Enriquito and Lidia Alvarez, Joseph and Mary Da Fonte, Roberto and Susana Grassi, Antonio and Susana Da Vita, Osvaldo and Nora Lopez, Eduardo and Sandra Giarnelli, finite and M. Teresa, Victor and Tota Cross. In the 1988 movie 'Tango Bar'.

The role of the visiting tango teacher

I was sure I had broached this subject before, but it hasn't come up in a quick search - so here goes! It is timely because in the last week of attending milongas just about every night, the common topic has been the 'arrogance' of the masters at the recent Festival. By 'arrogance' I am referring to the fact that they do not get up and dance with their clientele. I am fully aware that they do not do this in Buenos Aires - how could they? After teaching and practising for hours they go to a milonga to enjoy the company of their friends - and dance the occasional dance with each other. But when they are guests in another country - and being paid to be here - the general feeling is that they need to be more sociable. It should not be about how they feel, but about pleasing the customer. I was disappointed that even those, who had visited Australia a number of times before, did not join the floor with any of the locals except the organiser. Australia is not Buenos A…