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Depressed? Tango may be the answer

Recent research by a Sydney psychologist on the effects of tango on depression has just been discovered by the local media and today there are 2 stories on this research. It is fantastic to read such positive news on tango... and the best article appears in The Canberra Times where they interviewed the psychologist, Rosa Pinniger, and her PhD supervisor.
The writer reports that "
So successful was the tango program that participants have formed close friendships and continued dancing in their groups well beyond the study, with the teacher and dance partners volunteering their time.
It has led Ms Pinniger to set up an organisation - the Institute of Tango Therapy..."
One point that is clearly made and very important: a regular tango class is unlikely to have the same results - if you are a tango dancer it is pretty obvious that the cabaceo and other elements of social tango would not be suitable to people with depression - these classes were especially tailored t…

Tango news weekly online

I have just been alerted to this amazing resource... if you are a traveller - and many Aussie dancers are - then you will find this really interesting. And there's lots of Aussie news. The editor of this online newspaper is a great newshound and you will find all sorts of interesting titbits. Subscribe - I have! Mind you it can be difficult to find time to read it all....

So much happening this week... new classes, world class performance...

This is a busy week for TangoAustralia.
On Wednesday we begin running classes with Leonel Colque as teacher. Regular classes are a new experience for us, but we felt that if we wanted to take TA up a rung we neeeded a world class teacher on board... we hope that we will have new people coming to tango, as well as regulars brushing up on their technique.
You can read more on the website.
Then on Friday we are giving a milonga for the Made in Argentina Festival. Leading performers are Laura Melo and Ricardo Barrios, from Argentina. Currently on the judging panel for the Tango World Cup (originally called the Tango Championships) this couple have just arrived in Australia to take part in this new Festival - and a show at one of our leading theatre restaurants.
Here are the details of the milonga.
This Festival has been organised by Belen Silva, a beautiful young Argentinian who recently made Sydney her home.
Watch Laura and Ricardo here - and if you are in Sydney please join us on Friday…

Another dimension to tango

Yesteday I was privileged to be invited to watch a tango class with a difference. This class is attended by women who are blind - or almost blind - and who have been dancing tango for about 2 years. Dressed for a milonga they twirled and ocho(ed) around the floor for almost an hour with sighted partners. The women were aged from their early 70s to their late 80s - and they told me how much they loved tango, the dance, the music, the need to be aware.
These women have found an activity that helps them with their confidence and balance and gives them a social outlet that they would hate to lose. Not much different to the benefits we all feel who dance tango! But how wonderful to see the dance reach another dimension and provide such enjoyment in an unexpected way.

Ups and downs of the tanguera

Many is the conversation I have had with women about waiting to be asked for a dance. Many are the women who have said to me that they feel like 'giving up' tango because the frustrations of going to a milonga and not being asked to dance by anyone - let alone someone they would really like to dance with - are too great and surely there are better ways to spend one's time! And many are the times I have said that over the years I have learnt to take the bad with the good and to enjoy the company and conversation of others at milongas when dancing is not an option. Those who know me will know that I have a partner of many years - and they will also know that he likes to dance with other women and will frequently spend the whole night on the other side of the room or on the dance floor. Yes I do have the option of asking him to dance with me when I am feeling like a wallflower, but I don't do it very often.
Recently I have had some amazing nights of tango and some really…