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Please come and show your support for the Orquesta Escuela de Tango

Trailer for the movie (ours is subtitled) we are showing on Saturday 22 at Norths... see Events: Milonga Si Sos Brujo... This is the message I received from Ignacio Varchausky today: "Thank you so much for supporting the Orquesta Escuela de Tango Emilio Balcarce. This is the most difficult situation we've encountered since 2000, so we all need to speak up and fight for it. It is very moving to get all the love and support from the tango community in BA and around the world, this gives us strength and hope. Spread the word, make people sign the petition, everything helps!" Milonga 'si sus brujo' North Sydney Leagues Club 12 Abbott Street, Cammeray Entry $20 Sat 22 June - Movie starts at 7.40 - we finish at 12.45am. Inquiries -

Long Live Tango Via...please!

About 4 years ago I had the pleasure of meeting Ignacio Varchausky, the founder of Tango Via, an organisation in BA dedicated to developing and promoting tango and to archiving tango music. He visited Australia a couple of times, working with our young musicians and his dedication was inspiring - as was his music. He also played with the Orquesta El Arranque. I am writing this in the past tense because I am not sure whether he is still there. Sadly I learnt this week that the Argentinian government has decided to cease funding the Orquesta Escuela de Tango Emilio Balcarce, an orchestra that inspires and trains young musicians in the art of playing tango... There is a petition - which I would urge anyone who loves the tango music we all dance to - to sign... And a Facebook page The TangoVia website appears to be off the air! This news report on the Digital Archive was made in 2010. If anyone has any more news I would love you to post a comment. Here is one Youtube video - of many.…

Me encanta Demare

I am loving listening to Lucio Demare, the singers and the arrangements of this romantic musician. Together with Homero Manzi, who wrote the lyrics, one of his most well-known pieces is 'Malena' - I also love 'Telon' and 'Din, Dan, Don'... but there is so much more. Here is his orquesta playing 'Malena' with the singer Osvaldo Miranda

Desire to embrace

I don't normally give PR like this, but this trailer touched a cord... I think there are many who would be interested  in the DVD which I just received an email about from Maurice Amaraggi who wrote:
  "We are releasing on DVD our new 52 min documentary "Désir d'Abrazo" subtitled in English.ésir-dAbrazo/169161456571090
"Every year, thousands of women cross the seas to dance the tango in Buenos Aires. Aged from 50 to 70, they undergo the merciless scrutiny of the Argentine dancers there. What are they seeking in this adventure, and what do they find?
"Maurice Amaraggi and Françoise Lerusse followed them for two months and shared their feelings, sometimes of joy, occasionally of disappointment. And, above all, their pleasure in experiencing the long milonga nights, the special warmth of the Argentinians' embraces and the togetherness brought by the dance. Besides," Désir d' abrazo" is also, by …

A time to reminisce

When I went to my first tango class in 2000 milongas in Sydney were a rare occurence. Our teacher, who was exceptional, and who taught many of today's teachers, ran an occasional milonga on a weeknight. But it was about a year into dancing that we discovered there was a milonga on Friday nights at Glebe Town Hall. We gathered our courage and went... but the first few times we simply watched. We were too nervous to get on the floor, and in those days, celebrities like Clive James would occasionally appear, dance and disappear into the night.
The milonga at Glebe Town Hall became a fixture run by teachers Peter Waller and Lisa De Lazarri. It grew to be a weekly event, long before there was even one milonga on each Saturday, and it was the scene of many of the highlights of the first years of tango in Sydney. Visiting teachers were a treat, and came once or twice a year - and when they did they usually performed at Glebe. The Tango Championships were first held in 2005 and Glebe was …