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World Tango Championship 2013 in BA drawing to a close

For the last 10 days or so Buenos Aires has been buzzing with the annual World Tango Festival/Championships/World Cup... not really sure what to call it as the name appears to change from year to year. However the celebration is the same! A celebration of tango with world class dancers performing for the judges to win the titles of World Tango Champions in the Salon and Stage categories.
My lovely tango teacher and friend Belen, posted this video on Facebook of one of the couples in the Stage category... it is delightful

Melbourne Celebrates 100 Years of Tango


Tango historian Christine Denniston has described 1913 as the year that tango took the world by storm.  The photo on left was taken in Buenos Aires in that year.
Around the world there have been celebrations of 100 years of tango so on Saturday 17 August, Melbourne’s tango schools presented Milonga100.
Things haven't change a great deal ... here  is a report of the evening based on the article from Melbourne’s Argus newspaper of 22 December 1913 when the Palais de Danse in Fitzroy was first opened. This magnificent dance palace was built by two American brothers, named Phillips in 1913, one year after Luna Park. It only lasted until after the First World War.

Dancing was the chief attraction at Fitzroy on Saturday night. The heritage Italianate blue stone town hall was once again turned into a dance palace to celebrate 100 years of Argentine tango in Melbourne. Many came to dance tango - which in December 1913 was described as the ‘the new tango’. If …

In Sydney this weekend - August 17 and 18

Sebastian Arrua and Karina Colmeiro's recent performance in Adelaide - they are now on their way to Sydney 8.

17-18th August, Sydney
at the Glebe Town Hall on August 17th & 18th.
 Registration is now open for Sydney, plus there will be a  Milonga with performances on Friday 16th August
For more information contact Club de Tango
I understand they are visiting Melbourne - or have visited... but I haven't been sent any details so I am none the wiser! 
Organisers: please note that I am happy to include information about visiting teachers and maestros on this blog, but I need you to send me the details!!

Sydney Dance floors are Disappearing!

For about 7 years we have run a milonga once a month on a Saturday night. Over the years we have had to move venues for a number of reasons - and once again we face this dilemma.
The venue we have used for the past year at the North Sydney Leagues Club is no more. The club has decided to remove the dance floor and replace it with offices! Our quest for a new venue this time has brought home how few there are and we have been forced to put our Saturday milonga on hold for the time being. Clubs we have used in the past have disappeared because of they have become financially unviable for a number of reasons - or the land they are on is wanted for development. Excellent floors that have disappeared in this way include the Cooks River Motor Boat Club, the Brighton-le-Sands Fishos, North Sydney Anzac Memorial Club, Balmain Leagues Club and RSL clubs in Maroubra, Bronte, Botany, Kensington, Mascot and Clovelly.
One of the main problems with tango events in clubs is that our patrons don'…

Crowd funding for a new tango movie

Considering the rich material in the tango community with the dynamics and politics surrounding everything from individual relationships to the running of anything tango from classes to festivals, it is surprising that there are not more dramatisations of the tango world. So I am excited to see that there is a movie in the pipeline that is asking the tango community to help fund it's release and promotion.
Titled 'Glorias del Tango" you can check it out here with a trailer - I like the story-line - and if you do too you can donate to the project.