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Wishing you all a Happy and Safe Festive Season

Another tango year is almost over... and once again we have had some exciting events in Australia for those of us who can't get enough tango music and dancing.
Next year promises to bring more events, teachers - and great musicians to our shores on top of the locals putting together events to keep us on our toes!
I would like to wish you all a 
happy and safe Christmas and New Year

 - and hope that you enjoy your family and friends - and just a little tango.

Nodding one's head and looking for a partner ... or the cabeceo

Generally Australians don't use eye contact This video is a very clever way to show how the cabeceo operates from a woman's point of view...
The cabeceo is the way to ask for a dance in the milongas of Buenos Aires, not so elsewhere.

Australians, like North Americans, are slow to use the cabeceo in a milonga - and many - both men and women - say they prefer to ask. When women ask though they spoil the dynamics of the night. However it is understandable why so many do. In Australian milongas there is a drastic shortage of men who dance tango - and the good and popular dancers have their favourites. Which means that women can miss out. This woman is young and pretty and in a local milonga would probably not have to wait long before someone asked her to dance, either verbally or by cabeceo - even if she can't dance very well.
However that said, I have seen this actual scenario at milongas in Sydney - and have been cut out of a dance that I thought I was being invited to, in…