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Why do DJs play 'bad' milongas

One of the traditions that most tango DJs follow is to play just four or five milonga tandas (group of songs) a night - depending of course on the length of the night and the length of the tandas! Milonga has a fantastic energy... and can be a really enjoyable break.
So for those of us who love milonga it is really disappointing when the milonga tanda is second-rate or unexciting, or when a fabulous piece is spoiled by being sandwiched or followed by numbers that are not really milonga, such as tango-milonga or what my partner calls 'the chicken dance' (I leave that to your imagination).
As a one-time, and now frustrated DJ, here is a short list of what I think are really good tandas... you may disagree. There are many more permutations... Wherever possible I liked to keep to the one orchestra, though I know many DJs don't do this...
1) Azabache, Milonga Que Penas Canias, Todos Te Quieren - D'Agostino
2) La cicatriz, Milonga Del Recuerdo (both 1939) and La Espuela (19…

Watching others dance

One of the most engrossing things I can do when I am not dancing tango is watching videos of others dance.
Over the years I have watched heaps of these - and heaps of performances and many are ho-hum, or I just don't like the style. Tango is a very personal thing, either you like the way people dance or you don't... and that goes for everyone.
I really enjoyed this performance. The music is unusual, but very enjoyable. It's ' Milonga para un armonica' by Beltango (I have never heard them before). The performance by Mariano Chico Frumboli and Juana Sepulveda is engrossing, the transition from very tight but playful close embrace to more open and complicated manoeuvres and back again is effortless.

How exciting. Sydney DJ Anthony Miller will be playing at this new milonga in Buenos Aires. There is sure to be a big crowd, especially with Noelia and Javier as performers, and a new milonga always draws the people. Anthony has worked very hard at DJing, studying in Buenos Aires,  ever since he joined with Jacqueline Simpson to form Tango Spirit, one of Sydney's leading tango schools. He has DJd at the Sydney Salon Tango Festival for the last 3 years, which is held at the end of September, and also overseas at Festivals in Asia.
I do hope someone takes a Youtube video!

Injuries and tango

As one gets older one's body creaks more, but when it does more than creak and actually stops you in your tracks, you have to take notice. This has not only happened to me in the past few weeks, but also my partner, who has a different injury - we feel like a pair of old squeaky shoes! So we are both doing the sensible thing (and following my physiotherapist's advice) and resting. And one of us is doing exercises to try to get back on track sooner.
Dancers commonly have injuries. I remember when my oldest child was a studying classical ballet full time and one of the tango teachers asked him about injury. My son replied: "we all have injuries we just have to learn to cope with them and keep on dancing". Easier to do when you are young, but you can still aggravate the injury to the point where it becomes a major problem.
Ballet dancers feet commonly suffer, women more so than men. I think the same can be said for tangueras and I have had my share of foot problems, bu…

Sydney shows off tango so well

Sydney town is magical on a sunny day - even in summer! I love my home town, especially it's harbour and waterways. Yesterday I caught the ferry across the harbour under the Sydney Harbour Bridge and met up with a few tango friends at an outdoor pub near the wharf. A refreshing drink and we wandered round past the tourists cheering and squealing as they set off on a jetboat ride, past the palm trees on the plaza next to the Sydney Cove Oyster Bar, almost to the esplanade in front of the Opera House. What better place to show off Sydney, and show off our Argentine tango scene...