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Tango or should it be called Lango, Rango or even Mango

Recently I have had a discussion that I have had before with fellow tangueros/as about what is tango?
 I do not pretend to understand the people who think that tango needs their 'improvements'. By this I mean dancing tango steps to non-tango music, adding non-tango steps to tango, or standing on their heads and calling it tango. In the last 12 months we had Liquid 'Tango' which was tango danced to just about any music... now we have Rueda 'Tango' - tango danced as one does rueda in a circle dancing in unison as dictated by a caller!
Don't get me wrong I am fascinated by Rueda and I love to watch it,  however I don't think tango lends itself to this style of dancing. I believe rueda is usually danced to salsa music?
I love to watch people dance - everything from ballet to ballroom. But I feel that tango has a rich tradition, and a vast library of music that together with the dance we know as Argentine tango has evolved. There are rules and manners tha…

Your First Trip to Buenos Aires

I have only met one or two dancers in all my years of dancing and listening to tango who didn't want to go to Buenos Aires... one day if not now.
I first visited in 2004 and have been 6 times since, each time for just a short stay as I am an inveterate traveller and can't bear to go to one part of the world without exploring.
BA has changed in many ways since that first trip just at the end of the awful financial crises that gave the city a rawness that I hadn't experienced since backpacking through Greece in the early 1970s. Though it seems to be good at financial crises, it has much improved.
It was so exciting to hear the music played by the local musicians, for me it was almost more exciting than watching the dancers, as I was a still a beginner tanguera in those days. We enjoyed some very famous orchestras that still play today - among them Color Tango and El Arranque; we danced tentatively at milongas, went to tango shows, attended workshops and met famous dancers -…

Angelina's Tango Forum

Angelina's Tango Forum
I've added a forum to this website!! It seemed like the best way to find out what you are thinking about some of the issues in tango that get people talking. Such as...
Performances at Milongas - do they bug you or are you happy to sit and watch any performance? At time of writing two of my favourite bloggers have posted on this issue.
Check out Irene and Man Yung' Green vegetables and radishes and Tango Therapist Just Let Me Dance!Tango Shoes... which ones do you find suit you the best? Do you have any recommendations for others?Tango Music and Tango DJs - are you happy to dance to anything with a beat or do you really appreciate the tango DJ who has studied tango music and learnt what works for dancers and whyAnything else you think others may help you with or find interesting???

Aussie Tango DJ hits the heights

The tango DJ is the heart of the milonga today, so very different to the days when it was the band or orchestra that was the focus.When the music is strong and sends the dancers onto the floor tanda after tanda then you know the DJ is doing a great job.
 One of the best tango DJs in Australia is Anthony Miller from  Sydney's Tango Spirit. Anthony has only been a DJ for 5 or 6 years but he has thrown himself into the role with a passion, learning from the top DJs in Buenos Aires, acquiring top of the range equipment, and always playing a well-structured playlist. Anthony has been invited to play at Tango Festivals in Korea, and he has DJ'd for the Sydney Tango Salon Festival over the years, but his latest gig is the highest accolade. On Thursday Feb 26 he was the guest DJ at the opening of the Royal Pigall milonga in Buenos Aires with performances by Javier Rodriguez and Noelia Barsi! A high accolade indeed for a tango DJ from Australia.
And what a great way to let the Argentin…