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Cruising into Sydney for workshops December 13

Lorena Goldestein and Cristian Gallardo will cruise into Sydney for one day this month! There is an opportunity to do a workshop with them on one day only - Saturday December 13.

Dancers, teachers and choreographers, this couple have delighted many passengers of the 'Radiance of the Seas' cruise ship with their performances. Lorena has visited Sydney before with Roberto Herrera as her partner at the 2012 Sydney Tango Salon Festival, so there will be many who remember her as a superb performer and teacher.
If you would like to find out more about the 2 workshops planned for
Saturday December 13
11.30 - 12. 50 milonguero and salon
1. to 2.30 Dynamics of close but eleastic embrace
Contact Sima of the Sydney Tango Salon Festival on 0411 822 258 or Pedro from Patio de Tango on 0418 219 188.

Encuentros... is this the way to go?

It might be time for Sydney's tango dancers to consider encuentros?
Partly because the 2 encuentros that are already running are hugely successful. The biennial Tango in the Spring in Canberra and the annual Buenos Aires in the Southern Highlands are well established. In February ( 6 to 8) 2015 there will be a new encuentro in the beautiful beach town of Port Macquarie (pictured) which is four and a half hour's drive north of Sydney.
Plus there are certain parameters and expectations that can be applied to an encuentro in order to  can make the tango experience better for everyone.
1) Booking in order to attend. This means that the organisers can balance the men and women (I don't like the word gender)
2) An opportunity to meet dancers from areas outside your home turf and to make new friends.
3) Good music.  The DJs should be recognised by others in the tango community as good. Live music is a bonus and with more Australian musicians turning to tango for dancing let'…

Milonga attendances down - where to now Sydney?

A fellow blogger wrote recently that the number of events across Europe has increased the competition, and it's noticeable how quiet weekend milongas ...can be. She/he could be writing about Australia, or Sydney in particular, they are actually writing about Tango Encuentros in Europe taking dancers away from local events. in London (I plan to write about encuentros and the Sydney tango community in a later post).
The main 'threat' to the long-established milongas in Sydney is different it comes rom within.
Our weekend milongas have always been organised by the large tango schools and originally there was an 'understanding' that a certain Saturday belonged to a certain school. However we soon ran out of Saturdays, obviously enough, and so weekday nights and Sunday afternoons became the time slots together with a choice of events on most Saturdays. Now these have all been 'taken' and we are finding that on many week nights there are more milongas than there…