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Today's tango orchestras: Sexteto Visceral

This is one of a few posts that are a result of trolling around looking for live tango music from today's musicians...
This group, Sexteto Visceral, can be heard at  milongas around Buenos Aires as well as  international festivals. Formed in 2011 you will see why they are in huge demand when you listen to them. Their website includes a list of the milongas in BA where they are playing as well as a fabulous performance of Champagne Tango.

'Tango Glories' at the Spanish Film Festival in May

This year the Spanish Film Festival, which showcases Spanish movies around Australia in May, will feature 'Glories of Tango', a new film that has been selected for a number of Festivals around the world.
The blurb tells us that this film:
" Featuring extraordinarily moving performances and stunning dance numbers, this magical story follows Ezequiel, a psychiatrist at a Buenos Aires hospital. When he meets 85-year-old Fermín, a man who curiously expresses himself through the lyrics and titles of old tango songs, Ezequiel is intrigued by his condition which has not improved for decades.

As he probes the cause, the pair begin to connect. Fermín starts to make revelations about his chequered and dramatic past, offering clues to his predicament. Through the blossoming friendship and a newfound love interest in Fermín’s daughter, Ezequiel starts to gain an insight into tango, a cultural expression he had taken for granted. Through this, he uncovers a vibrant, artistic, and exc…

Wet Saturday and the Tango news

As the rain sheets down across Sydney on Easter Saturday - as it does every year! - I have published the TangoAustralia April/May newsletter (combined this month because I won't be around to do a separate one at the beginning of May). I am looking forward to a bit of dancing tonight before packing for a trip.
Whenever we put the newsletter together I am amazed at just how much is happening across the country - though getting information on the other states is a bit like getting blood out of a stone - and just what is on offer for Australian dancers. Without travelling too far we can take lessons with the world's top dancers. The only thing, and probably the biggest for me, is that we miss out on the great tango orchestras. It is so expensive to bring the musicians to this country that unless it is done by a major promoter it is out of the reach of tango schools. I don't understand why the great music festivals such as Womadelaide (where I heard a tango orchestra in 1999),…