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Milonguero of style: Horacio Julian Prestamo

This year's Milongueando in Buenos Aires in August is the 9th. An encuentro (meeting) rather than a Festival in the sense of great maestros and exotic performances. The organisers Susanna Miller and Maria Plazaola state on their website that "Everyone can dance milonguero-style tango. ...we teach students to enjoy the natural movement of the body and the dialogue that takes place in harmony with one's partner".
One of the teachers at this year's festival is Horacio Julian Prestamo. For those who love the milonguero-style of tango here is a fascinating interview - and a dance performance.

The Best Tango Music at Wintersun July 2015

Do you love the tango music you dance to with a passion? Would you like to go to an encuentro (a meeting of tango minds)... which focuses on the music?
If you can get yourself to Queensland's Gold Coast in the middle of July (17-19) then take your tango shoes ... and your special gear.
This is a weekend being promoted as 'it's all about the music' and just to show they are serious they will have one of the world's top DJ's as a special guest. Keith Elshaw, whose website has been one of my favourite tango resources since I began to dance over 14 years ago, is coming to Australia to give workshops.  Keith is not alone in working to re-master and preserve the music without the scratchings and rumbles of the recordings we are used to, Ignacio Varchausky in Buenos Aires has also been working to keep as much of the music as possible alive. However Keith has been beavering away since 1997 to preserve the tango music heritage and his work is awesome. The se…