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What (Not) to Wear when Dancing Tango

I originally posted this in October 2011!! It is still happening, though not as much by our 'celebrity' dancers who are now mostly wearing beautiful elegant dresses that complement the dance. 

Could someone tell me why the short tight club dress is being worn for tango performances? Perhaps they could also explain why some tangueras dress as if they are doing a latin ballroom performance, or even worse are working as a nightclub entertainer? Dresses that look as though they are held together by safety pins, or there is so little of them that not much is left to the imagination, detract from the performance.
And this is not just the opinion of  an older woman. The men around me at the last performance where a little tube dress, not much bigger than a large headband, rode up the performer's legs until her crotch was visible, cringed. So unnecessary. She was a very attractive woman with a superb partner, she did not need to wear such a dress. She also found herself hitching u…

A weekend of sublime tango music in Sydney

Almost a Festival of live tango music, Sydneysiders will be treated to two nights of fabulous local musicians playing the music they love for those who love to dance. Not to be missed.
Friday 30th October Fuego Blanco with Maggie Ferguson at the Gran Milonga
Fuego Blanco with bandoneonista Maggie Ferguson feature at the Gran Milonga at Petersham Town Hall Members of Fuego Blanco, Kate Agostino, Isabella Brown, Annie Gard and Annie Zhang have studied at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music and the University of NSW.
The group has been together for 6 years and began to play tango under the mentorship of Maggie Ferguson. They have studied in Buenos Aires with German Martinez and Ignacio Varchausky and have performed at the Resonate Festival in Canberra, the National Folk Festival and with the Tango y Nada Mas Production in Sydney in 2013.
 Organised by Tango Synergy and Tango Conca.
DJ :Fabian Conca of Tango Conca and Tango Entre Amigos
Petersham Town Hall 107 Crystal Street, Petersham
8pm …

Osvaldo Cartery - a great milonguero

It is with great sadness that we announce that  Osvaldo Cartery, husband of Coca, died October 9 2015.  He was 77.  Winners of the Salon World Tango Championship in 2004, Osvaldo and his wife Luisa Ines Cartery were much more than tango champions, for many they embodied the tango of the golden times.  In the early days of my tango journey I went to Buenos Aires twice, to the World Tango Festival, and was very lucky to watch Osvaldo and Coca dance and to learn from them . 
Osvaldo and Coca dancing earlier this year at a Festival in Armenia.

and to a very clean recording of Francisco Canaro's 'Tormenta' with singer Ernesto Fama.

This interview, in two parts, with both of them took place in 2010. There is much to learn and enjoy from these two interviews, so I recommend taking the time to watch them.

If you do a Youtube search you will find many tributes in Buenos Aires over the last few days to this much-loved milonguero. He will be sorely missed.