Making money in Tango

Recently one of my tango partners asked if I was making money out of the little milongas that I run every month. As one who has been in small business all my life I would not run the milongas if I wasn't covering costs - which is all I am doing at the moment. Good he said - "I don't understand these people who say you shouldn't make money out of tango"! And I agree. Everyone involved in tango is there because they love the dance, the music and the culture. Those who have found a way to make a living out of something they love are the lucky ones. Those who snipe at this (and the Tango Nazis fit in here) are sourpusses.

We have three major camps here and it is probably the same everywhere - there are
* Tango Entrepreneurs: those who organise milongas, run schools, workshops and websites or sell tango shoes or other items to the community. In Sydney we have some very clever, tenacious entrepreneurs who have made the tango scene buzz for the last few years.
* Tango Dancers: those who are just happy to dance wherever they find good music and company they enjoy. Fortunately there are enough to go round two or three milongas a night - and to create an interesting scene.
* Tango Nazis: those who have given themselves the authority to tell others what (and who)is good and bad about the tango scene - and who can behave quite viciously if provoked.These people have sucked life's orange and found it juiceless - and can't see past their own egos.


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