Sebastian Archaval and Roxana Suarez at Rose Bay

Last night after a brief visit to Sculpture by the Sea at Bondi, and a box of yummy fish and chips at Fishmongers (best fish and chips in Sydney!) we made our way to the weekly Patio de Tango milonga at Rose Bay RSL. Teachers from Buenos Aires, Sebastian Archaval and Roxana Suarez had just finished a workshop and the place was crowded. I counted at least 80! not bad for a week night. TangoAustralia sent them an email asking for an interview for the website, but no answer was the stern reply! so we are simply running a Youtube video. A good promo but an interview is always a bonus. So I know little about them apart from the fact the Roxana speaks reasonable English, they are beautiful dancers and Sebastian is a one-time world tango champion. They have a blog which is way more interesting than their website. .
We didn't do the workshop for a couple of reasons, firstly money. We feel that in order to get anything out of workshops we need to do at least 3 - which means 6 fees - roughly $300! Not in our budget unfortunately. I'm sure others think we don't go because we think we don't need them - we would love to do regular workshops or classes but not possible! I wonder how many others don't go for the same reason - particularly in the current financial meltdown.


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