Tango forever

I hope that I am still dancing tango when I am 82, don't you? Recently veteran American actress Cloris Leachman has appeared on America's Dancing With the Stars and won acclaim as the oldest performer ever to appear. Leachman and her partner Corky Ballas were the 7th couple to be eliminated on October 28. For me one of the
best things was watching the Youtube clip where Cloris gives judge Carrie Ann Inaba, a bolshie 40 year old professional dancer and choreographer, as good as she gets. Sadly Inaba seems to think the program is about dancing, not entertainment.

Not only has Cloris got America talking about her abilities and raunchiness, it has brought in work. Mel Brooks reportedly phoned her and asked to come to Broadway and take over a role he had decided she was too old to reprise in Young Frankenstein.

And she will be working on a Quentin Tarantino film with Brad Pitt in Berlin. There is more about Cloris and Dancing with the Stars on TangoAustralia website, including a Youtube video of them dancing tango which I've posted on TangoAustralia.

I recently uncovered reports on a Canadian study about how dancing tango is better than walking when it comes to maintaining fitness and mental skills in the over 60s - and I can't but feel that this doesn't just apply to those described as 'seniors'.

I have just spent a few days on a luxury liner and during that time I took ballroom dance classes. They weren't dancing Argentine tango, but working their way steadily through the ballroom repertoire - and there wasn't a student in the class of about 50 under the age of 50 - until we introduced a few of our younger friends. These dancers were loving every minute of it and taking every opportunity to dance socially. Every evening and sometimes at lunchtime as well, one of the bands on board would play music in the restaurant with a dance floor - and the students would all be on the floor!