A bodega and a formal milonga

On Thursday we dined at Bodega in Surry Hills for a family celebration. The chef is Argentinian and the restaurant has a tapas menu and an excellent wine list. We started with plump olives, slices of jamon and fresh bread and things only got better. The beef empanadas came next - served with a tasty salsa, then we had chorizo which was fried and I understand has been 'splashed' with apple cider - it certainly added to the moistness of a sausage which can be dry if it is not treated kindly. In all we ate about 8 tapas dishes and finished with an affogato with an excellent sherry (I had started the night with an amontillado sherry) and a 'banana' split, Spanish style. My memories of Argentinian food are nothing like this - it was superb...
Saturday we joined tango friends at the milonga in Strathfield which occurs every 2nd Saturday. This was their Christmas milonga and dress was formal. One person stood out like a spring roll on a tapas menu in jeans and a t-shirt - horrible! everyone else dressed for the occasion and the theme was cabaret. One of Sydney's tango quartets, Tiempo de Tango, played 2 sets. it is fantastic to have tango bands but one can't help but wish that, as well as loving the music, they would love the dance and play with the vitality that makes every dancer get onto the floor.
It was a big crowded night, a better venue than last week's, with one exception - the parking. We had to park in the next suburb! no fun


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