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Trolling around the internet what do I find? An article on Arlene's London Tango Pages about hygiene at milongas...I am half-English, married to a Pom and have more Pommy relatives than Aussie, so I do understand where she is coming from. When I lived in London some years ago it was not uncommon to be overwhelmed in a London bus by the B.O. of one or more other people who had obviously not bathed recently - or if they had didn't use deodorant. These days most bath daily and use deodorants - some even visit dry cleaners - but they still have the problem of non airconditioned venues!
Arlene raises some good points and please read all she has to say if you are interested... but basically she points out that:
- clean, fresh clothes and hair are essential
- same goes for shoes!
- garlic, tea and coffee that affect breath should be counteracted by breath freshener or cleaning of the teeth
- bad breath needs attention!
She also makes the point - which is one of my hobby horses. Dressing for the event. I cringe when I go to a wedding or special event where formal dress is the expectation and people turn up in jeans or casual gear. I also cringe when someone turns up at a milonga in a T-shirt advertising a band/album/brand with smart slogan... jeans - or worse still men in shorts!!
I actually think it is insulting to the other dancers to arrive in gear that is great at bbq or a football match - I wonder if they go to these events in shirts and ties, or dresses??
So hear, hear Arlene - I would love tango dancers to show respect for others on the floor in this way. I don't think Aussies have it as bad as the Poms but there is still the occasional problem!


Arlene said…
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Arlene said…
Hi there, thanks for visiting and mentioning me. You would think people would have commonsense, but they still need to be told. I hate to be a bitch, but I am definitely going to say 'No' if people aren't going to make an effort. I tried to put it as nicely as possible as it is one of my pet peeves being American. You can't be too clean! All the best and happy holidays!
Martin said…
I think the absence of showers and real bathrooms in many houses is also a contributing factor. We stayed in a B&B near Oxford year before last which had one of those module bathrooms! Daily showering is not in some routines!!
Enough of this...
Thanks for your comment and your holiday wishes - it is summer here as well as Christmas - though we are still waiting for the sunny weather!
Wishing you a happy Christmas and New Year.
Arlene said…
The facilities may not have been ideal for you in Oxford (I have no central heating at the moment, but I do have hot water, and when I didn't we boiled it!) but if there is a will, there is a way.
That's it from me. Happy Holidays!

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