When a milonga outgrows its venue

Saturday night went to a milonga we haven't been to for a while because it is always crowded - and it didn't disappoint. Sadly this milonga, which is run by a very innovative and successful tango school has outgrown it's venue. It desperately needs a new venue with a big floor, big free car park, friendly venue managers... and in the same area.
When a floor is crowded with a mix of beginners and more experienced dancers it becomes a melee. Beginners stay put or move against or into the line of dance. It is not their fault - they are beginners - but it makes it difficult for those who have been dancing for a while. And to add to this mix there are those who think they can't dance tango without raising their feet above their knees. This means that you are at greater risk of being kicked - or stepped upon. This happened to me twice.
This milonga has one of the best tango DJs in town - he knows his music, introduces the orchestras at the beginning of each tanda and plays some of the best.
A better venue or using the floor to its full capacity could solve some of the problems for those who just love to dance to this music.


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