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Have returned from amazing holiday. No tango, unless you count whales breaching beside the ship - an absolutely amazing sight. Mother and baby coasted along beside us and then the mother flipped her tail - baby followed. She did this a few more times, then she breached and dived. Baby was trying but didn't quite get it! My partner took this picture (he is the reason I was on the cruise - find out more ) Meanwhile I have added a follower's widget to this blog - if you write a tango blog or have a tango website do tell me ( about it... and I hope you will follow this one. Now I am back I am dying to go to milonga. Some very good friends ran the Milonga de Mis Amores at Gladesville for me while I was away - and by all accounts it was a great night. Music by DJ Geoff was superb - as to be expected - and he sorted the sound system to remove the hiss that annoyed us last time. And Joseph sorted out the lighting to give it more of a Buenos Aires ambien