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Is there something you should know?

Trolling around the internet what do I find? An article on Arlene's London Tango Pages about hygiene at milongas...I am half-English, married to a Pom and have more Pommy relatives than Aussie, so I do understand where she is coming from. When I lived in London some years ago it was not uncommon to be overwhelmed in a London bus by the B.O. of one or more other people who had obviously not bathed recently - or if they had didn't use deodorant. These days most bath daily and use deodorants - some even visit dry cleaners - but they still have the problem of non airconditioned venues! Arlene raises some good points and please read all she has to say if you are interested... but basically she points out that: - clean, fresh clothes and hair are essential - same goes for shoes! - garlic, tea and coffee that affect breath should be counteracted by breath freshener or cleaning of the teeth - bad breath needs attention! She also makes the point - which is one of my hobby horses. Dres

Tango Christmas milongas

Milongas at this time of year deck themselves with Christmas tinsel, as does just about every other school, business, association - and so we ventured out in the rain to the Tango Synergy Christmas milonga this week. Run by this hugely energetic and inventive tango club this milonga has formed its own following, just as they all do. They hold their milonga in a restaurant with a good parquet floor which can be made into a huge dance floor - and they certainly needed this on Wednesday when there must have been about 80 people. It is a great venue! and the music by DJ Hosanna (who also runs the billandgeorge milongas) was excellent. (The photo was taken by David Storm in July). The president and vice-president, who are clearly practised performers, put on a display, which was fun. The only downside to the whole night was the food. I have to confess that I am a foodie. I love good food, I have been passionate about cooking, fresh organic produce and new foods for decades! and two of my

When a milonga outgrows its venue

Saturday night went to a milonga we haven't been to for a while because it is always crowded - and it didn't disappoint. Sadly this milonga, which is run by a very innovative and successful tango school has outgrown it's venue. It desperately needs a new venue with a big floor, big free car park, friendly venue managers... and in the same area. When a floor is crowded with a mix of beginners and more experienced dancers it becomes a melee. Beginners stay put or move against or into the line of dance. It is not their fault - they are beginners - but it makes it difficult for those who have been dancing for a while. And to add to this mix there are those who think they can't dance tango without raising their feet above their knees. This means that you are at greater risk of being kicked - or stepped upon. This happened to me twice. This milonga has one of the best tango DJs in town - he knows his music, introduces the orchestras at the beginning of each tanda and plays s