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MIlonga Gladesville, Sydney December 27

Just a quick link to the TangoAustralia website... if you are a dancer and in Sydney over Christmas we'd love you to come to the Milonga de Mis Amores at Gladesville... email me ( and I'll send you the details.

The tango compliment: a random act of kindness

I was driving behind a bumper sticker which said “Practice random kindness and senseless acts of beauty” – a slogan supposedly coined by American peace activist Anne Herbert, and it made me think how appropriate it is at any time, but particularly at Christmas… and do some research on the slogan, and compliments. Tango can produce many of the emotions experienced in traffic – anger, hostility, annoyance, selfishness and even rudeness – but it can also be an uplifting experience. There are many opportunities in tango to give a compliment – and like giving a present a compliment can make both giver and receiver feel a warm sense of satisfaction. When a compliment is given in the right way it can create positive energy that makes things happen – and creates an easy atmosphere. The recipient of the compliment benefits from knowing that he or she has been noticed and is valued. By complimenting someone on their tango you are creating a positive aura that will bounce back on you and ot

A bodega and a formal milonga

On Thursday we dined at Bodega in Surry Hills for a family celebration. The chef is Argentinian and the restaurant has a tapas menu and an excellent wine list. We started with plump olives, slices of jamon and fresh bread and things only got better. The beef empanadas came next - served with a tasty salsa, then we had chorizo which was fried and I understand has been 'splashed' with apple cider - it certainly added to the moistness of a sausage which can be dry if it is not treated kindly. In all we ate about 8 tapas dishes and finished with an affogato with an excellent sherry (I had started the night with an amontillado sherry) and a 'banana' split, Spanish style. My memories of Argentinian food are nothing like this - it was superb... Saturday we joined tango friends at the milonga in Strathfield which occurs every 2nd Saturday. This was their Christmas milonga and dress was formal. One person stood out like a spring roll on a tapas menu in jeans and a t-shirt - hor