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Putting together a playlist - and Happy Christmas

It was the music that got me into tango - my first experience of a live tango orchestra was at WOMADelaide some years back when they had a tango quartet (which they have never had again, to my great dismay - but that is another story). Today I am putting together the playlist for the next Milonga de Mis Amores. Since doing my first playlist over a year ago I have learnt so much. I am so grateful to Sydney DJ Geoff and Melbourne DJ Nadim for their advice and support as it really got me started on understanding what a playlist is all about and how crucial it is to the success of the night. I now have a system and I use itunes... only because I am too busy to experiment with other programs such as Media Monkey. I am sure the other programs do this too but I like the way with itunes I can tell how many times I have used a piece before - and when. Of course I have favourites but it is also important to ring the changes. I have two new CDs for this playlist - a Carlos di Sarli (Coleccion

El Choclo or the Kiss of Fire

Put together an article on one of the most famous tangos ' El Choclo' for Tangoaustralia . Seems you can find just about anything on Youtube and it is fantastic to have old movie clips at our disposal in this way. It is actually an excellent way of keeping these things alive instead of being stuck away in fusty old archives. When I was a librarian I remember finding treasures in stack which were not available to the average user, unless requested, and which many never knew were there. If you love tango music you will no doubt find the story of this piece of familiar music interesting. And if you don't know tango music you will probably be surprised to find that you know this one.