Our tango fame spreads to America

A couple of days ago I received an email from a radio station in Pennsylvania in the US asking for contacts with Australian tango orchestras and tango musicians - so they could put together a program on Australian tango music! How wonderful is that? It came via a tango contact in another state and TangoAustralia has been able to put the programmer in touch with 16 Australian tango orchestras/bands - we have 12 links on the website and there are a few more who don't have websites.
So as soon as I know when the program will be broadcast we will announce it on this blog, on TangoAustralia and the other tango groups that we belong to - including the one we were recently invited to join in the US called Tango Connections. Tango Connections has been set up as a free access website for anyone interested in tango... handy if you are planning a trip to the US at any time.


Unknown said…
Thank you for the blog post Angelina! TangoConnections is now represented by 30 US states and 24 countries, we encourage all in your tango community to join the Australia group!
Donna Voller

Please visit us at www.tangoconnections.ning.com