Teachers dancing with students

In the last post I made the point that I believed that teachers who dance with their students and patrons of their milongas make their patrons and students feel welcome... and I believe it is not only good for business but also for their tango profile! It seems the teacher attitude problem is a universal one - Arlene from Arlene's London Tango Pages took up the topic on her blog. You will also find some interesting, though not surprising quotes from an American blogger who lives in Buenos Aires.
And taking it a step further, Tangocherie, who has been writing from BsAs for many years has done a very good job of putting the tango teacher personality into perspective. ''Teachers" she writes "have a personal advantage over their students: the advantage of power and perceived knowledge." It is not unusual for students to fall in love, or develop a crush on, heir teachers - it was forever the case. Most of us will have experienced this emotion, if not with tango, then in another situation. (This phenomenon is not peculiar to teachers - doctors, particularly obstetricians, have the same problem!). Tangocherie has been living in BsAs for many years and sadly notes that some take this adoration too far.
I haven't seen this as a problem in Sydney - but the power issue certainly is.


Arlene said…
I say power to the people. :-)
tangocherie said…
Hola Angelina,
Thanks for the link!
Saludos de Buenos Aires!
Pleasure tangocherie - there is also a link on the main website, www.tangoaustralia.com.au - it is one of the most popular tango blogs!

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