Capital Tango - cold outside, warm inside

I spent the weekend with my partner and a few friends in Canberra. Apart from the 3 1/2 hour drive and the fact that Canberra goes round in circles and always looks like the entire town has gone on permanent vacation, it was a great weekend. As part of the National Multicultural Festival, Colectivo29, a tango band from Melbourne, were there to perform tango - which they did firstly at the open air concert in Garema Place and later at the Diamant Hotel (pictured at Garema Place) This band has a real feel for tango music and when they played the dancing classics they did it better than any Aussie band I have heard for a while. Like most they have a prediliction for Piazzolla, which when you want to dance is exasperating. The Saturday afternoon highlighted South American music and we were also treated the superb melodies of harpist Victor Valdez, a consummate musician I last heard at WOMADelaide in 2008.
The Canberra tangueras and tangueros were warm and welcoming. The Saturday evening had been planned as an outdoor event but given that Canberra's temperature had dropped about 20 degrees C from the previous weekend, this was not to be and we danced in the foyer of the hotel until midnight.
Together with the Degas exhibition at the National Gallery - this was a great weekend away.


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