Dashing away to tango

Just about to go to the new Tuesday milonga held by Sydney's dynamic tango club, Tango Synergy at Leichhardt - tonight it's in the forum. And it is a beautiful night so am really looking forward to this open air tango. This milonga has swapped with Patio de Tango's Tuesday milonga - and they have moved to Wednesday and new location - this will confuse visitors and those who don't keep up with the news! but they'll soon get the hang of it.
What they won't get the hang of and I still find difficulty with is the arrogance that sometimes creates a bad vibe at a milonga. What gives some folk the right to sit in judgement on other dancers - and to look like they are doing it? It spoilt a milonga I was at recently - at least in the Forum there won't be this opportunity.


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