Positive tango moves

We've been through a recession or two before and I have decided that despite the fact that much of my freelance work has dried up I am not going to let it stop us doing some positive tango stuff this year - what goes down has always in the past gone up!
So we are doing a promotion with the Gladesville Milonga de Mis Amores and running a competition to win a return fare to Buenos Aires with the travel agency, Travel Choice. When you attend the milonga you get the opportunity to fill in a form for the competition (one per person, per milonga) and in June we will draw the winner! This is a joint promotion for the travel agency, tours and packages to South America, and the TangoAustralia website.
And we have booked for the NZ Tango Festival from 29 May to 1 June. I am really excited about this as I have not been to a festival for a long time and this one has an excellent reputation. Overseas masters include Geraldin Rojas and Ezequiel Paludi, Fabrizio Forti and Celi Arias and Tamara Bisceglia... plus Joaquin Amenabar's musicality workshops. Excellent value given the Aussie dollar - it's come out at around $A$267 (pretty good exchange rate at the moment) and that includes all the milongas and the welcome dinner. Really enjoyed our time in Wellington in 2000 so am also looking forward to enjoying this beautiful part of the world again. Maybe even have time for a bit of exploring as last time we were in bushwalking mode.
Now what else can I do that is positive?? Am sure I'll think of something after all if I believed in astrology I'd say it was something to do with being a Sagittarian!


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