Terry Kirkpatrick - will be missed for a long time by her tango friends

This morning I opened my emails to a very sad message from Frank, one of my tango friends, to say that his mother, Terry, one of tango's most delightful and dedicated tangueras, had passed away peacefully this morning. Terry joined us when we went to Buenos Aires in 2003 and one of my fondest memories of Terry is of 'losing' her when we all heading back to our hotels after a meal in Recoleta before going on to a milonga. The bus was waiting, but Terry was nowhere to be seen... then someone heard the sounds of salsa. "Terry could be there'', she said - and sure enough there was Terry, not only dancing salsa, but dancing with MC on the stage and having a ball! The photo was taken on that trip - Terry is the lady in red.
She had such a joie de vivre that it was infectious.
We have missed Terry since she became ill late last year - and her presence will be sorely missed by those of us who not only enjoyed dancing with her - and watching her dance - but by those, including myself, who benefitted fromher wisdom and insight.
I hope there are many dances in memory of Terry!


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