Chacarera poll results

A few weeks ago I asked readers of this blog for their opinion on the current fashion of including chacarera at milongas - particularly in Sydney which is where I mostly dance.
Chacaerera is a folk dance and music that is popular in Argentina and Bolivia. If you would like to know more you will find stacks of information on Wikipedia .
Wikipedia describes it as a partner dance with similarities to Chilean Zamacueca and the Peruvian Marinera. Very basically the women are 'seduced' by the man stamping his food (zapateo) and handkerchief waving ending with an embrace.

So we found that:

  • 30 per cent enjoy dancing it
  • Nobody enjoyed watching others dancing it
  • 3 per cent would like to learn to dance chacarera
  • 50 per cent thought it was a waste of time at Sydney milongas
  • 5 per cent would like to learn it.

Of course it has its place in it’s places of origin, but in Sydney it seems out of place. We don’t have the teachers or the dancers…


Unknown said…
I was recently in Buenos Aires and saw the CHACARERA danced there at three different Milongas, La Viruta, El Beso, and at Lo De Celia. It was great for a break in the energy of all three milongas and everyone really loved participating especially at Lo De Celia, where almost everyone in the place danced. It was something to behold. I would not have missed it for the world. Maybe it is a little early in that community for something so different. Good luck and good dancing enjoying your blog in The U.S.!


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