It’s official...the tango clique is alive!

How sad that in our little tango scene there are people who make others so unhappy they leave! The poll I ran a couple of weeks ago asked whether anyone had left the tango scene because it was cliquey and 8per cent said they had! I wish I knew who these people are because I would like to make it up to them. Sadly it is not just the tango scene that does this to people. When my children were at school cliques manifested themselves at the school gate, among the mums taking their children to and from school; at playgroup and amongst the soccer parents, to name a few. Parents didn’t take their children out of school though, it was not that easy.
When you take up a dance because you love the music, or the dance or both, or are driven by an unknown force to immerse yourself in the latin passion that is tango, it is very sad to be run out by unfriendly forces. 18 per cent of my respondents said it made them think seriously about leaving tango.
Interesting that only 4 per cent said they had not experienced cliqueyness in tango. By far the greatest number said they had seen it happening but ignored it (39%) and 34 per cent said they were aware of it but just kept dancing.
What drives people who have set themselves up as teachers of tango to make others feel uncomfortable about not attending their milongas? or classes? What makes those who have been part of a scene for a while turn their noses up at others? Just because you are nice to someone, or talk to them, doesn’t mean you have to dance with them.
I’m sorry to have to report that the tango clique is alive and kicking.


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