Newcomer's guide to tango in Buenos Aires

At last I will be visiting Argentina again. It is so long since I have been that I am expecting big changes and it will be exciting to see what has changed and what has stayed the same. When I last visited it reminded me of Italy in the 1970s when as a young, impressionable backpacker I fell immediately in love with its crumbling architecture, the romantic language, the history - and the food. For Argentina substitute tango for food!
So I have decided to put together a 'Newcomers Guide to Tango in Buenos Aires' - for Australians. There are stacks of tips on the internet and in blogs of course and I am talking to everyone I can who has visited BsAs in the last 12 months... If you have been recently and have a few moments I'd love to know if you have:
  • tips about pitfalls - just read about Scott's experience with a fake SIM card at a newspaper kiosk on his Tango Trails blog - but I am sure there are many others
  • suggestions on great places to eat - and your favourite dishes
  • discoveries you have made about shopping for shoes - is it true that the love affair with the tango shoes with the French name is over?
  • suggestions for things to do and see that are not tango related
  • a favourite milonga
  • any information, suggestions you would like to pass on to others...
If you are happy to share it with others - please post a comment.


Scott said…
Hi Angelina, great idea. I have a few tips and tricks blog posts I have been saving up, might get around to doing them.... when I finally get home. As far as places to eat goes, I would like to point everyone to a blog by an internationally famous food critic, (and personal friend of mine) Layne Mosler who has been living here in Buenos Aires for the past 3 years and doing a very unique project
She has some great recommendations, and she is a very talented writer.
Thanks for lead Scott...this is fascinating. I'm a bit of a foodie
and I was disappointed with the food (apart from the facturas of course) last time! I've added this to my blog list.
Love you to contribute to the Guide.. it will probably be a work in progress for a while.
By the way you are a talented writer yourself... as a one-time magazine editor I've read a lot of copy!
Scott said…
Glad you're enjoying our blog, and thanks for your compliment. I have been trying to improve my creative writing skills while I've been here in Buenos Aires. I have even been writing some tango related short stories, if you're interested I can send you a few.

I would love to contribute to the guide, I'll have a think about what I consider the most essential tips and tricks for making the most of your Buenos Aires experience.
TangoAustralia is always looking for good stories - and good writers - we don't pay though as we still aren't making enough to cover to costs. We can make you an author if you register on the site and you can post that way. Love to have you contributing from time to time!
Sallycat said…
Hi Angelina!

Just thought I'd pop up and say hi on this topic. I'm not Australian, but have known and know a few here, and it's always a pleasure ;) I'm British and have been in BsAs just over two years now.

I've been working on an e-book along these lines for a while - it isn't there yet because I've wrestled with it mucho since I started months ago - structure, content, scope - you name it, I've wrestled with it! But I am still trying to find a way: my goal was to try and smooth the path for first time tango tourists to BsAs - I so feel that to be 'in the know' may make the difference between joy and disappointment on a tango holiday to this city.
Seems like we're thinking along similar lines.
Anyway, I'll keep going with the e-book and maybe - if it gets finished - your readers will find it useful in addition to the tips they will learn in your guide.
Meanwhile there are quite a few tips from my two and a bit years in BsAs on my blog too.
Great to hear you are coming to BsAs. Perhaps we will meet and talk tango guides. Would be nice.
Do email me if you like.

Beso, Sallycat
Hi Sally,
Thanks for offer. Seems we are thinking along the same lines. I come from a publishing background so it is something that is always on my mind...
I've asked about 10 people who have been recently to answer a few questions etc. and will do some real life interviews this week.
Love to meet you if we have time. Only there for a week. My partner is a travel agent and he will be doing his own thing some of the time, so I hope to have some free time.
Love your website...
Shayne said…
Dear Angelina,
Please take me with you - smuggle me in your hand luggage!

Love from your non-tango friend,

PS: Is there an ocean with waves nearby?
Am sure you would love it! There's more to BsAs than tango (am I being a heretic?). But the waves!!! the ocean is an upside river thanks to the Rio de la Plata which pours silt into the ocean and it goes for miles... and I have yet to see a wave, but I guess they have them. I don't think anyone swims in it.
tangocherie said…
Angelina, when will you be here?
I'd so love to meet you!

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