Tango bits and pieces

We published our April Tango News on the tangoaustralia website on the weekend. Sometimes getting news about tango events out of the organisers is as rewarding as finding your favourite milonga has closed down - but we persevere. Guess that's the journalist in our make-up. Melburnians are generally the worst - is it the Melbourne/Sydney rivalry ? or are they generally not aware that any publicity is good publicity. We have a fantastic section on TangoAustralia set up one of our early tireless workers, known as Milonga Profiles. A free listing of your milonga with a photo, contact details, how to get there info... and only one Melbourne milonga thinks it is worthwhile sending us a photo! I grew up in the city of Aussie Rules and I still don't understand. Brisbane is a different matter.-
We are hoping to hear more news on the Tango Championship - and will certainly post that when it comes to hand for those who are interested. I have done a bit of an about face on the Championship. Having worked on promoting it for 3 years I feel I have had enough first-hand experience to believe that unless it is a truly national event, run by a tango outsider (or at least not a tango school) it will be open to the criticisms of past years and really not representative of tango in Australia. But this is just my personal opinion and it won't stop us from publishing the news when it becomes available - here on the blog and on the TangoAustralia website.


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